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  1. How many more times do you figure we need to repost that post with 1,000 pink uniforms?
  2. The unis the Os are wearing for today's game may be the best in baseball.
  3. They should have gone with Orange font for Tampa Bay and Red shadowing on Buccaneers.
  4. These uniforms are perfect when you think about it -- the Pro Bowl has always been a joke and now they have the perfect unis to go with it.
  5. Thumbs way down on the Dolphins colors... that aqua was jarring to the eyes. Not enough orange as well. Really hope it was the lighting that made them come off looking that way...
  6. IMHO, these are the main problems / flaws with the new Dolphins logo: 1) Balance: Just "eye balling" the positioning, the tail end sticks out way more than the front end -- i.e. the Dolphin should be shifted to the right. 2) Proportion: The Dolphin got HUGE while the Sunburst size stayed relatively the same (i.e. the Sunburst should probably be slightly larger). 3) Motion / Emotion: There is no sense of motion, or aggression or any "emotion" really, now granted you don't necessarily have to have "motion" per se (e.g. the running Buffalo or flying Falcon, but heck even the old Dolphin was at least leaping), the point is the current Dolphin looks like it just got done smoking a nice fat bowl and is about to do a massive belly flop -- not real intimidating. 4) Design: I know these are supposed to be caricatures, but the tail looks more like a whale's tail and seems too large for a typical dolphin's body (e.g. google pics of a real dolphin to see what I mean) 5) Design: If the idea was to shift to a more modern, sleeker, cleaner look, why add the smaller secondary Sun "spike"? Does it really add anything? 6) Design: No eye. This to me is perhaps the most egregious flaw.. Consider that there are currently 13 NFL teams that use an animal as their primary logo (Chicago uses a Bear head as their secondary logo -- as does Cincinnati's Bengal tiger but even both of those have eyes), every NFL animal logo has an eye or incorporates some kind of eye (such as the Star on the Texan's logo): In fact, I'm willing to bet (and I don't have the slightest clue or have done the research), that every other professional sports logo that incorporates an animal has an eye (Bulls, Hawks, Orioles etc.) and perhaps even extend that to the collegiate and HS levels... in other words, you're breaking new ground here and not in a good way. If it ain't broke, don't remove the eye. Now aside from all of that... frankly speaking? It's still a pretty mediocre logo at best, and a major downgrade from its classic logo at worst (basically, it sucks...) Looking at what appears to be the "final" version of the Dolphins logo vs. what my primary "gripes" were (as stated above post in early Jan), I guess things could have been worse...
  7. OK adding to ColorWerx version, but going Full Purple Helmet + Yellow Base Ring (ONE CAVEAT: this is a simply cut and paste hatchet job just to give everyone an idea of what this would look like -- so it's not going to be "perfect"): That looks good! I wish they would put the horns lower on the helmets and make them more vertical like the logo. The horns on the helmets are almost horizontal. There needs to be a little bit of give and take here IMO. If the entire logo mirrors the helmet logo to a T, then you kind of run the danger of having a kind of "redundant" 2nd / alternate logo. The alternate / secondary / non-helmet logo should bring something a little different to the table -- not to mention the fact that it may just ending up looking like a Viking actually wearing the Vikings football helmet (which I don't think is the look you want to go for). Finally, if you think about it, it should be the other way around -- i.e. the helmet portraying the Viking rather than vice versa. In other words, the way I see it, the horns of the helmet is supposed to portray "real" horns of a Viking helmet, but due to the physical limitations of the shape / overall real estate of a football helmet you end up doing what you can / compromising (e.g. angles of the horns and such). But the alternate / non-helmet logo doesn't have any of these limitations (or they have less constrictions -- you can have more detail, depth / perspective, etc.)
  8. OK adding to ColorWerx version, but going Full Purple Helmet + Yellow Base Ring (ONE CAVEAT: this is a simply cut and paste hatchet job just to give everyone an idea of what this would look like -- so it's not going to be "perfect"):
  9. I like it. Sure, at first glance it’s not a radical change -- but after the Dolphin's logo fiasco, that is a damn good thing (same could be said to a lesser extent for the Jags' new logo). The two key positive changes IMO are: 1) Changing the horn shape to resemble the horns on the Vik’s helmet (it's a very sensible move, reinforcing consistency); and 2) The shortening of the hair braid’s length -- allowing the overall side profile to be resized larger (you basically get a free “resizing” / more "real estate" out of the logo without much of a cost -- so they will look clearer on jerseys, etc). Add in the cleaner, bolder lines and brighter colors, and you've pretty much got a winner. Yeah, it doesn't knock your socks off at first glance, but if it did, you'd have a never ending controversy (some will hate it, some will love it, why mess with a good thing / tradition?, etc. etc.) This way you respect the franchise tradition and give it sensible, reasonable upgrades / updates -- is there room for improvement? Probably. But most (if not all) of the changes are in the right direction and that should not be overlooked and be given due credit. Grade: A-
  10. Anyone else think this logo looks like it is collapsing with the extra gold. I am not a professional designer but have studied many professional designs & this package just reeks of inexperience. Seem to be way to many flaws execution wise. It looks like the bastard child of a Jag and the UPS sign...
  11. The Altered aspect Ratio is clearly much, much better. Too much to hope they lurk here and adopt it?
  12. Could you please do a Washington Redskins FB and iPhone? Many thanks!
  13. Fantastic stuff. I posted an earlier thread about trying to nail down a "clean" version of the Captain patch. Agree with the earlier comment that the "C" needs to be a bit more rounded. The stars are also a little "fat" and needs to be spaced out a bit more, but at any rate, keep up the great work!