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  1. Dont like any of the use of Blue in that uni. Just make it red/yellow
  2. The olympic dutch teams wear orange and back as well. Using blue makes no sense at all.
  3. Blue seriously should not be a part of the Dutch uniform. Nearly all their national sports teams use the orange and black combo. Soccer - Baseball - Blue should not be on the uni just because its on their flag. You should follow what nearly all of their other national teams do - Orange and Black
  4. Still need to replace the blue trim with black trim on the Netherlands. Dont like the asymmetry on Argentina, but other than that it looks great.
  5. well France is kind of the Dallas Cowboys of the teams, no matter what they're wearing blue(Cowboys always wear white). So lets saying they're playing a team with it's primary as blue, then that team will wear there clash. Netherlands: Went with a seahawks-esque chest striping. Kept the pants blank to avoid overcrowding. And technically I didn't use a Federation logo(Netherlands soccer team) I took the wordmark off and tweaked the lion.(I know it's a loophole) Also does anyone think Japan needs an update? I didn't get much feedback on that one. For the Netherlands, you should change the blue to black. Also I dont really like the gradients or the helmet design templates. Japan looks finished
  6. OAKLAND REDS After a bit of a break, heres another concept. As always, C & C is appreciated
  7. It looks pretty "minty" to me lol
  8. Will be adding more concepts today
  9. The lettering on the jersey looks a little too pink Its probably just because its outlined by blue; I used the same red for the whole uni
  10. NOVI HEAT As always, C & C is appreciated. Also, check out my previous concepts as well!
  11. ST. JOHN'S MINTS Please leave C & C
  12. The Ypsilanti team has been updated, they are know known as the Ypsilanti Arsenal. They used to be the Blue Jays. Here is the link to the updated uniforms -