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  1. The Texans have one of the most lifeless identities in the entire sports world
  2. Four years ago they went 2-14, and 3-13 the following year. Last year they got a playoff win. It's a huge step in the right direction.
  3. I've never seen people complain so much about hype before an event like all of you.
  4. What did you think would happen at an event with so many people? They'd just throw the players out there for 3 minutes and end the stream?
  5. If I were there in person I'd be thrilled to be hearing from the GM, owner and new head coach. As stated above, the event is for the crowd, not us.
  6. FYI that's Mike Keith, the guy who called the Music City Miracle. He's a bit of a legend around there
  7. They gotta give those who showed up a show. I imagine this is much more exciting in person
  8. I don't think it is subject to change, considering we're seeing retail-ready jerseys already. No way they'd sell those then just change it up before August.
  9. I actually love the columbia blue jersey. I'm a shoulder yoke person so the sword thing is pretty cool (to me). Only question is how do they pull that off with their away jersey (whatever that color may be lol)
  10. Also, the Rams wore Los Angeles throwbacks frequently while in St. Louis.
  11. All I was saying was that their stance on embracing the Oilers' history identity might have changed in the last ten years
  12. I hope to god the gray away rumor is true. Are there any instances besides Seattle, Detroit and New England (for gray/silver jerseys)?
  13. I think the jersey is definitely columbia, but the white is probably just that super thin piece of paper that comes in every jersey packaging for some reason
  14. Ya know, that's actually a good point. I guess as a Titans fan it's just wishful thinking on my part that they're not real
  15. I can't believe this entire forum is falling for such an obvious fake lmao (I'm actually terrified that I'm way wrong and these are real)