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  1. New concept! The recently-swept Penguins! Based on the Penguins original uniforms.
  2. Awesome. Love the new wordmark with the old star logo.
  3. Here is a new Stars concept that would act as an alternate to their recently unveiled new uniforms.
  5. What link? They all seem to work for me.
  6. New Avs concept. Black is removed everywhere but the puck in the logo. Feedback is appreciated.
  7. Alright, new concept. It's a red and green Devils jersey. Pretty simple. New Jersey
  8. Sabres - Only thing I don't like is the grey in the collar insert.
  9. Hey everybody. I'm just going to start posting some of my random NHL concepts here from some feedback. Thanks! Columbus Nashville Tampa Bay New Jersey Alternate Colorado Dallas Alternate Pittsburgh Columbus Nashville Tampa Bay Any feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Like them all being from Chicago. I'd go with A as well.
  11. Awesome. I kind of wish the sock striping was like the arm string though. Other then that, I love it.
  12. Awesome. Love the yellow jersey.
  13. All awesome. Love the Winter Hawks concepts.
  14. Here is the Canucks' "Millionaires" template. Canucks
  15. I like them. One thing, the colors on the logos need to match the colors on the uniform
  16. I like it. Although I don't like the pant striping, I don't think it fits well with the rest of the jersey.
  17. Alright here is an update. Now has logos on the helmets and the away helmet is now green. Tell me what you think.
  18. Here is the new Edmonton Oilers templates minus the Alternates, because I'm pretty sure they were retired. Last time kiwi posted them I don't think they worked, so here they are. Edmonton Oilers
  19. This is my Stars concept I just got done. The striping is based on the old "star" jerseys. Thanks. Any comments and/or suggestions are appreciated.
  20. What color should they be then? I don't know what else would look good. I also forgot to add logos on the helmets. I'll update it soon.
  21. Hello everybody, I just wanted to share a concept I made for the Wild a couple of days ago. It is all inspired by the current alternate jersey. Thanks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any comments and suggestions are appreciated. -Tyler G.
  22. Pretty cool. No complaints here.
  23. What the heck? I don't even know what to do. O_O
  24. I like Zona and Zona State, but not a big fan of Texas Western. My favorite part is all the logos on the map.