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  1. Porltand Rosebuds for the WIN! Well almost! I love the anchor for the islanders!
  2. Cant wait to see Portland crush the lame OKC Thunderbolts....oops Seattle t-bolts
  3. white - white - yellow.....eewww nasty combo, i hope we go retro on the huskies....Kenny Wheaton.....retro.....
  4. sweet thank you! cant wait to see it, born in portland you see....would love for it to be a relocated team maybe from Hawaii....
  5. Very Nice work! Love the AFL!!!!!! Portland has a team the Steelheads! State of Origin: Oregon vertical sections (L to R) Blue (ocean) Green (Valley) Wheat (eastern) Portland based on the Portland Flag Cascadia- based on Flag instead of tree just a vertical black stripe!
  6. Some I would like to see added to the existing ones: Pittsburgh Pirates St. Louis All Stars (or Blues) Detroit as the Portsmouth Spartans GB as the Milwaukee Badgers (which GB has played in GB/Milwaukee) some designs honoring early NFL, AFL and other leagues: expansion teams + historic teams: Jacksonville - Card-Pits Houston- Akron Pros Atlanta- Rock Island Independents (one of the first pro us teams) N.O- Steagles honoring early NFL AFL and other leagues: Maimi - Seahawks Balt- Orioles/Blue Birds Oakland- Hornets SD/LA- Bulldogs/Dons Dallas- Rams Washington- Senators Chicago - Decatur Staleys Carolina- Charlotte Bantams Tampa Bay Cardinals (Jim Thorpe) SF- Clippers Seattle- Rockets.
  7. Portland should go back to our Championship uniforms!!!!!! The Red PDX isnt that far off from the real one....GJ.
  8. darn the forum would let me in till now.....I will make my list anyways: London Monarchs (yes the NFLE team) London Bulldogs aka Churchhill's Boys Leeds Legion Liverpool Scousers/Livabirds (Purple main color with Red/Blue accents) Birmingham Brindles Manchester Machine (agreed it fits perfectly with the city and the movie) Sheffield Thursday Newcastle Neutrons Nottingham Forest Rangers Cardiff Tardis YC Aberdeen Highlanders Edinburgh Claymores (NFLE) Belfast Brewers Dublin Athcliath Cork City (because i love that town) At least you didnt pick Chelsea! and in protest of having Seattle and Vancouver WITHOUT PORTLAND- Portland Pioneers Green (British Racing), Black and Maroon!
  9. Macuahuitl 'sword!!!!! woot my first post!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!! For the word mark i agree with flipping them with LA on the top, the head is perfect, even tho i am a Ducks fan the Green Alt uniform has too much yellow maybe try red feathers and spots. thank you for you hard work!