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  1. sorry if this has been broached already (I have a lot of catching up to do & wanted to ask about this before I forget)...but is this just quirkiness of the videogame or did the Heat un-slant their numbers? I'd really like it if they did, slanted numbers feel really 90s to me EDIT: I'm dumb. forgot we already saw Bam in the "new" jersey. Plus if I'd gone further in the video before posting I would've seen the Mourning shot
  2. I wonder if teams will go away from wearing white for media day now
  3. yeah the white needs purple. also, I don't like that the purple & orange have contrasting arm-hole colors while the white & black don't
  4. these haven't been posted, right?
  5. not terribly exciting, but I think they botched the streaking Sun anyway. I wondered what younger people not familiar with the set they alluded to thought the streaks were. I guess it's still in the logo, but still, looked odd without the sun.
  6. damn. I liked him in 7 better
  7. perhaps LeBron missed wearing black from his Heat days & wanted to bring it back into his on court toggery
  8. I normally find drop-shadows goofy, but that one is tastefully done
  9. I'm aware. just having some fun. didn't know he ever even put a Sonics uniform on. even in summer league he wore a generic "oklahoma city" jersey
  10. BOOM! Sonic Russ!
  11. really just the script that was the issue (including the number font). apply those of the modern unis to those & they'd be good
  12. pinstripes, side panels, & a waistband. a lot going on there but I think they pulled it off pretty decently
  13. what the hell is the deal with this pic? Jordan never wore a pinstripe-less black jersey, did he? don't understand why they'd photoshop this
  14. has this been posted? sorry if so. are the nuggets switching to these? are they just having him use a throw (faux?)-back for fun?
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