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  1. Whoa! That is...........something else. You did a great job with the logos. The yellow outline on the Rockies logo really ties everything together, and the secondary looks really good as well. However, I would like add some slight critisizm as well. I think the Yellow is too bright. If you make it less glaring, I'm sure it would look even better. Right now, it just seems a bit distracting. As for the uniform, well to be honest, I don't think it's as good as it can be. First off, there are a LOT of stripes on the arms. Perhaps a simpler appraoch would be better. Also, if you have stripes on the arms, you should have them on the hem as well, otherwise, it looks like something's missing. Stripes on the hem will probably make this uniform more ''complete''. I dont think the two tone burgundy collar is necessary. Finally, adding more burgundy to the sleeves would bring everything together. All in all, not a bad concept, the idea is great, but the execution could use a little work.
  2. Very. Very cool! Great job. I think the Avalanchy one with the mountain peaks on the hem is my favorite, but pretty much all of them are really nice.
  3. Happy New Year! Normally most of us would probably be looking foreward to that big hockey game they have outdoors, but obviously that isn't gonna happen this year. Hopefuly, we will be able to see something like this next year.
  4. Thanks man, glad you like it! Awww man, your right. There are some similarities. I hadn't thought of that, although, if the Winter Classic is played in Coors Field, maybe it would be sort of fitting.
  5. I like the broncos logo. Pretty cool. Although, I think that navy blue would look much better than the blue you used on the uniforms.
  6. Colorado Avalanche and Minnesota Wild in the Winter Classic Alright so, the Winter Classic has been held in eastern cities every year so far. Fans are starting to want a little more recognition of western teams. After the Wings and Leafs play in Michigan, the NHL decides to move the Winter Classic to a more westernly city. Denver wins the decision by a fair margin and the Minnesota Wild are selected to participate as well. So here are the uniforms for the game. The Colorado Avalanche Jerseys are based on the original uniforms of the Quebec Nordiques before they joined the NHL. A nod to the roots of the franchise. I based the Minnesota Wild jerseys on the current green one, and I used some inspiration from the previous Minnesota team, the North Stars. Hence the extra yellow. I tried to incorporate the heritage from both teams without going over the top or taking away what the teams are right now. I also designed the Winter Classic logo for this game. I designed it before the 2013 game was cancelled, hence the 2014 on the top. Let me know what you think.
  7. First of all, well done. This is very entertaining and pretty much all of your concepts are fabulous. Now I'm a huge Avs fan, and I like where you are going with this concept, but on a real jersey the mountain peaks on the sleeves would look kinda wierd. The peaks should probably point up toward the shoulder, otherwise it sort of looks upside down. I understand your idea of a rocky outline on the bottom of the hem, but it would look a lot better if you simplified it and made it symetrical. And on another note, I like the darker burgundy.
  8. Thanks for the compliment Whittier, it means a lot to me. I'm glad you like it.
  9. Just thought I'd post this one too. I wanted to try to capture the cold snowiness that Colorado is known for while still keeping burgundy as the main color. I think I have seen some other concepts similar to this one but I can't find where I saw it. I have been messing around with this one for a couple months now but I did use some inspiration from others, but I wan't to say I didn't steal anyones work.
  10. Colin May over at Hockey Jersey Concepts just did a design very similar to this one. Anyway, I think all of us Avalanche fans would love to see the mountain peaks return on the jerseys, but this is just a bit too much. I like where you are coming from, but I think it just looks a little too 90s-ish. One commenter mentioned on Colin M's concept that the mountains look like a richter scale and I sort of get the same impression on this one. Colorado is known for mountains, not earthquakes. My advise is to make the mountains tamer, more mountain-like and less electro-cardiograph-like. Simplify. Make it less busy. Nice concept, but the final result could use a little work. If you want to borrow some ideas from my avalanche concept I wouldn't mind so long as you at least give me credit for inspiration.
  11. Fan-frikin-tabulis-tic!!! Man I really miss the pre-reebok era. These are a great redesign. Very sharp looking, combining the look before the RBK edge and the modern uniforms. Dang it man, are there any jersey concepts you have made that aren't spectacular?
  12. Not a bad jersey by any means....but I'm just not quite feeling it. More black would even this out a little more, in my humble opinion. Nicely designed though.
  13. Nice. I think I like the Oilers best, and thats saying something coming from me, considering they have one of the weakest logos and ugliest color scheme in the NHL. WE NEED AN AVALANCHE CONCEPT NOW!!!!
  14. Thanks alot! That may be one of the best compliments I have recieved yet. Glad you liked them. Actually I have been messing with a Vancouver concept, but haven't decided whether to post it.
  15. Hey guys, I have been tweaking the jerseys a bit, specifically the 3rd or alternate jersey since that one seems to be the weakest. So I have been experimenting and have come up with a couple alternatives. Ok, on this one, I pretty much eliminated the extra blue. It has been pointed out that the last one was just a little bit too busy. The first alternate jersey the Avs wore was fairly popular with fans, so that was the main inspiration. Aaaannd concept #2. The white alternate jersey I made has recieved a lot of positive comments so a dark version of that seemed like a good idea. Grey is a underused shade in the Avs color scheme, so I included more. I think it looks pretty good. Let me know what you think. Are these concepts better or worse?
  16. Nice! Yellow almost seemed like a useless color for this team, but you do a grat job of incorporating it into the jersey. I am not overly fond of the stripes beneath the yokes, but it isn't a huge deal. Very Cool.
  17. Thanks for the kind words Kenny. It is very satisfying getting so much positive reactions on here. I am making some minor changes right now so thanks for the suggestions. I am trying to avoid a whole lot of black on the road, but a little bit won't hurt. Especially if it makes it sharper.
  18. Thanks alot Justin. I am very pleased you liked them. Yeah the helmets are kinda ugly, but I didn't think anyone would care. I appreciate the comments. I may tweak the jerseys a bit sometime later.
  19. Hey guys, thank you for the encouragement, I really appreciate it. In regard to the Winter Classic one, I just made it for in the possible event that the Avs aren't allowed to wear one of the previously worn jerseys. Rockies would be fine by me, but since many teams seem to mix and match from their old uniforms and come up with something different yet familiar, I wanted to do the same thing. Thanks for the feedback.
  20. Thank you. Now every forum in the universe will know the name of Snow Monster. Seriously though I thought the editors would have caught this by now.
  21. Thanks. I posted all my concepts on the same page but for some reason it repeatedly posted several times. I don't know why that happened and it wasn't my intention to do so, my apologies. I would delete them if possible.Well do you have any thoughts on the alternates or even the minor tweaks I made to the first two? Is the design better or worse than before? The mountains are supposed to have the illusion of depth to them, sort a 3D effect. At least that's what I was trying for.
  22. Funnily enough, that's the next team planned. I got started on a uniform template but managed to get sidetracked and ended up doing the Coyotes instead. Though I'll finish them off once I've made a tweak to my Coyotes logo. Excellent. Looking forward to em.
  23. The Wild jerseys on the bottom right are my favorite, and look the most like what would be acceptable for the Winter Classics. Though, I don't really care for the outline for the sleeves on the green uniform I like how you change your insignia to match the colors of the team.
  24. Not much of a Mets fan, but the blue ''New York'' concept is my favorite. Might I suggest an orange ''Mets'' jersey? I mean the two ''Mets''designs are pretty close together, an orange one might make it a little more interesting. Nice job.