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  1. RT @wamanthasolf: found this kitty and I love her, I'd love to keep her but I know what it's like to lose a pet so please share this so we…

  2. RT @68INCOGNITO: Don't worry @CutonDime25 I got you on the spike!!!! #SuckItNerds https://t.co/31VzcPbykU

  3. RT @tapemachines: Pete Dunne, Rex Ryan's favorite wrestler https://t.co/gZO1HOSNPk

  4. RT @JxredNHL: I miss Eichel

  5. Oh my https://t.co/EsZ4fDeb2j

  6. @LeahV93 too bad he's playing in Edmonton. Not even the fact he isn't a Sabre, just in Edmonton. Casual fan never gonna see him due to NHL

  7. @wamanthasolf ????

  8. @RyanIsSweet I agree haha https://t.co/ief8KPsgtG

  9. ????????????? https://t.co/XUPXqnZArE

  10. @cagesideseats The Miz, couldn't stand him before, but this IC runs makes me can't stand him in the right way now, it's fantastic

  11. RT @actioncookbook: TRUMP: it's terrible what's going on in Chicago ME [watching Bears game]: this guy tells it like it is

  12. #FightOwensFight https://t.co/pS6SnCR8yh

  13. RT @brosales12: The gap between Belichick and the other mere mortals who claim to coach in the NFL is astounding.

  14. RT @ConIsles: #TeamNorthAmerica out here like. @stoolpresidente @StoolMilmore https://t.co/Cw2MdxOcsS