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  1. It’s Quarantine and we’re all bored. Please, give me something OKC Thunder 20/21 uniform related, @Conrad.!
  2. Before the whole world inundates you, can I get first mover’s advantage and ask you - is the Thunder's 20/21 City jersey ‘good’?
  3. K-State has one of the more underrated sets in CFB. Their standard home/road combos are excellent and I don’t hate either of the two new white alt helmets.
  4. SMU’s Dallas unis are my favorite ‘new’ unis of 2019.
  5. Didn’t know you were a fellow Dallas resident, Conrad. Cheers
  6. 1) Warriors 2) Suns 3) Raptors 4) Thunder 5) Rockets 6) Blazers 7) Wizards 8 ) Pistons 9) Jazz 10) Pacers 11) Hawks 12) Kings 13) Celtics 14) Sixers
  7. Bit of interesting MLS kit news on The Athletic today regarding the kit concepts that DC United turned down in favor of their new white secondaries. Things that immediately jump out to me: 1) Name kits clearly a theme as all 3 concepts have a name/theme 2) Wondering if pink was a clear design trend adidas was pushing as one of then3 concepts features the shade. 3) Those wanting a DCU kit mirroring the Wiz’s marble features would have gotten it with the Strength concept. 4) Man I wish they went with the Tradition concept.... I pay for The Athletic so I took screengrabs of the concepts and posted on imgur. Links below. Happy to share. Unity Concept: Unity Concept variants: Tradition Concept: Strength Concept:
  8. Piggybacking on this. One argument that is cited frequently when critiquing OKC's brand is that the identify is not visually specific to a Thunder nickname or an Oklahoma basketball team. This is fair criticism, especially with the clip-art logo. However, the shade of blue tends to be overlooked in that criticism. The blue is supposed to be similar to Oklahoma's shade of blue on their state flag. Going to the University of Oklahoma for both undergraduate and graduate school, I always found this endearing. I love that "Thunder blue".
  9. Internet Man must get last word in the discussion of Southern/African American dialects taking place in a sports logos/uniforms forum’s college football thread. I love 2019.
  10. I have a general design question that doesn’t warrant its own thread, so I am posting it here. If this is the wrong place, feel free to remove. My question - Could a color scheme/package of navy, light blue, orange, and green ever look cohesive enough to be deemed professional?
  11. Does anyone know why Nike isn’t selling authentic versions of the Earned editions? Every distributor that I have found has only had swingman versions listed for sale.
  12. Will be worn 8 times through end of regular season. 4 times at home, 4 time on road. These might be my favorite Thunder uniforms ever, over the navy Statement’s and the old Sunset jerseys. The use of the earthquake-like wordmark is closer to a thunder-type identity than the generic typeface wordmark of the previous Sunset.
  13. That is an interesting question. My graduate college background involved big data so these kinds of thought exercises fascinate me. Some data points could be how often a team changes their logo/colors/uniforms. And drilling even further, how drastic of a deviation from the team’s historical logo/colors/uniforms pattern as well. Then how drastic of a deviation from the most recent tri-combo of the brand (are they going in a new direction or reverting back? A stronger historical brand - what I assume your ultimate “top 5” would be - would cause teams that stray to go back, like Toronto Blue Jays in baseball). You can even give statiscal values to each of the three elements of the brand as weights, like Logo being the “heaviest” for example, as well as apply weights to the overall history of a brand vs the previous look. Sorry to give you my totally unsolicited opinion, but this is the internet.
  14. Per r/OKCThunder, looks like LockerVision leaked OKC’s Earned jersey. A sunset version of the Statement...this has potential.
  15. If you liked OKC debuting orange accents with the white Home uni, then tune in to their Dec. 14th game vs Denver. I believe they’re debuting sky blue accents with the white’s, per @OKCTracker’s twitter. (I’ve referenced that new OKCTracker site a few times, in case you’ve noticed. It’s not my site at all but as a diehard Thunder fan and an uniform nerd, it has been a godsend).
  16. https://mobile.twitter.com/OKCTracker This account tracks OKC uniform related tidbits and I believe did the painstaking process of going back through LockerVision and tallying game results for each of the team’s uniforms. Scroll through their tweets. At the start of this season they tweeted out last seasons’s %’s and then a few weeks back did an update on this season’s %’s. White is tops for both seasons thus far.
  17. I’ve always loved the sky blue side panels on the OKC Thunder’s white (formerly Home) uniform. That shade of blue is the color used for the OK state flag and I’ve always felt that it pops off the white. Also, I think it’s the perfect amount of that color blue. The all-blue away is too much (plus the word mark is awful). The Thunder’s standard Home and Away haven’t changed in 10 years and get tons of flak, but I’ve always liked the white uni. Plus, the Thunder have won most of their biggest games in that uniform, and have had the best winning % wearing them since the Nike takeover last year.
  18. Interesting. The account mocked up what an orange Statement might be. I’d love this.
  19. Not based off any intel or anything like that, but to those discrediting the theory that the Earned sets will be re-colors because both of NOLA’s City & Earned are white - how do we know that the Earned isn’t just the city with Navy/Red/Gold colors replacing the Purple/Green/Yellow? I have a strange feeling it will be that.
  20. I know I am a fan of the team and therefore biased, but this was the first uniform/logo design summary that I didn’t eye roll my way through. I especially thought that the reason behind the uniform’s color choice - that shade of blue being the shade of Native American 11th anniversary stones and this being the Thunder’s 11th year in OKC - is so badass. IMO little hat tips like that are what the City jersey initiative should be about.
  21. Someone try Oklahoma City. We have already seen their City's so that would confirm if the Earned designs are just color swap. FWIW, I tried looking for theirs myself with no luck, but could be operator error.
  22. So with the NOLA, Philly, and PHX leaks, I count 18/30 City uniforms unveiled. Nike should just release the rest.
  23. So, thus far 13 teams’ City’s have leaked. Adding Utah’s carryover, that’s damn near half the league. Nike should just release them already. By my count: Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Detroit, Golden State, Houston, Indiana, Los Angeles, Miami, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma City, Toronto, Utah
  24. @Teal going from a suspended account to an informed insider is a comeback story for the ages.
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