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  1. The AFC South just got a bit more visually appealing. The Titans need be next and ditch the navy (again). Them and Houston are still way too similar. Regarding the Jags, I'm hoping this inspires yet another rebrand in 2023. Their set is still boring and the road look lacks teal. There's just not much cohesiveness between teal over white and white over black with no truly visible teal elements. I'm wondering how much they'll wear white and black at home now. Hopefully this will minimize white at home and will give us something like (realistically) 1 white, 5 teal, 2 black jersey games. Really hope they wear teal for the San Fran game this season. That will look outstanding.
  2. It really bothers me how low that Bucs logo is on that helmet. That can't be right.
  3. As a Packers fan and a uniform fan, I am beyond disappointed that we're not seeing white/red against green/gold next Sunday, which would've been flawless. Instead we get some awkward home team (literal) in white, minimally colored pairing that looks similar to last season's Super Bowl.
  4. I feel like this redesign screams Patriots 2020, where they will essentially use their Color Rush as a template but incorporate orange and black into it.
  5. I'd welcome a red helmet on the Bills simply because they look too similar to the Colts and Giants currently. There isn't really a team that embraces red and blue evenly anymore. Maybe the Giants do between the home and road set, but we don't have a team that wears red AND blue elements together regularly.
  6. Everyone seems to think the Bills will wear blue pants, which I agree with, but they still mix in their underwhelming white on white look occasionally. I'm hoping for white over blue with anything but solid blue socks. Will the Bucs wear pewter pants against Green Bay like earlier in the season and like last night or do they go back to white on white since it doesn't seem like superstitions even matter when Tom Brady is your QB and everything consistently goes your team's way somehow. I digress, but man I can't remember a QB leading THREE scoring drives of less than 40 yards each in a postseason game.
  7. Bucs haven't worn white over petwer in New Orleans since 2013. Not once with the previous set did they wear that look vs. the Saints.
  8. If the Ravens wear purple pants again, that will easily be the best looking matchup of the weekend.
  9. Rams are in sticking with the blue pants this week. Seems like teams rarely switch things up in the playoffs after a win. Should be a nice colorful matchup regardless of the quality of their uniform design.
  10. Chip did have the team wear white at home the first couple games. The thing with him though was that they changed the fabric of the green pants and jerseys in 2014, which forced them to wear white garments more often than usual while those were being produced. They didn't wear green anything until Week 10 that season but then they wore green pants the rest of the season. 2015 was a bit more of an even split between white over green and all white.
  11. This is a good point you bring up. As rarely as he had them in green pants, the fact that they never wore white at home was almost worth the trade-off.
  12. Especially since there is no universal mindset among coaches/front offices. It varies from team to team. Some care more than others, some let the players decide, etc.
  13. Bucs need to go with pewter pants. Can't take another white/white vs. black/black game in New Orleans. I understand the folks who want Cleveland to avoid the orange pants, but I'd still take orange over double white pants and possibly over brown too since it's just a better look overall.