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  1. Anyone else worried the Jets are gonna remove the white shoulder yolk on the green jersey and simply put white stripes, which will make them look just like the Colts but in green? That is pretty much what their Color Rush is like. I think the inverted shoulder colors on both their white and green jerseys gives them a unique look that I hope they stick with in some way with these new sets. It especially helps when they wear the same color jersey and pants, as it evens out the overall color distribution. Main point = the jerseys shouldn't be too plain or heavy on one color. They need to work in some accents in the opposite color, maybe like this:
  2. Here is a concept for Color Rush I found and I made other combos out of it. Solid look.I left the orange gloves and cleats as is and focused mainly on the jerseys and pants:
  3. I meant more if they were to wear this style regularly and make it a standard uniform that there needs to be some white.
  4. The Browns' Color Rush would look almost perfect if they incorporated some white into the stripes. Maybe something like this:
  5. Something that caught my attention: Nick Foles was introduced with a teal jersey at his Jacksonville press conference. If this team loves teal so much, why isn't it their regular color? I don't get it.
  6. Potential leaked Jets uniforms. Wow those are terrible. Why bring black into the color scheme?
  7. I think they need to find a middle ground between this navy/gold, and the royal/gold from the throwback. Like a dark royal blue with a more yellowish gold could look real cool and pay tribute to both looks. This is too clean of a uniform set to just be scrapped entirely like it's going to be. It also works nicely with the white pants. I know this isn't the concept thread and some of you will want to hurt me, but I came up with these and I think it works nicely:
  8. Wow that Pro Bowl AFC set could literally be a KC uniform. The Saints players might pack their black pants and black socks though to go with that navy blue jersey.
  9. Yet there will somehow still be a few people on here who say they think the Rams won't be allowed and will wear white.
  10. I didn't consider that the Saints in white would mean Rams throwbacks, which would still make that one significantly better.If only every Rams fan could vote.
  11. This just doesn't make sense. They seem to hate the gold pants in general more than they love the all black look. What fans would want to see white over black at home for a conference championship?? How is than an option over black/gold?
  12. Yellow is barely even an accent color for them. That would be like the Vikings having yellow end zones or the Bears having orange end zones. I'd be shocked if it's not red with white lettering. Maybe yellow lettering if any yellow is there at all.
  13. If only we could get this on Sunday rather than the garbage we are actually gonna get.
  14. IDK man, the white pants make it too white heavy for Philly and the black socks just seem so out of place. There is such a greater sense of balance with the green pants. Those are the kinds of things I consider professional. That's just me.
  15. Isn't it interesting how the "good luck" all white unis of the Chargers and Eagles didn't come through yesterday. It's almost like it means nothing and that they should just wear their colored pants in big games on national television and look professional.