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  1. I would guess the exact opposite and say they showcase the far superior green set this time, though it will likely be green pants too. Teams generally break it up when they have multiple primetime home games.
  2. STUNNER of WEEK 7: Titans wearing light blue over navy vs. the Chargers I believe this is their first home game on Sunday in light blue since 2013
  3. We've actually reached the point that teams are going out of their way to create white pants just so they can be "cool" like other teams. This is simply embarrassing. I'm sure the Saints assume since people like the Color Rush that they will also like this bizarre and plain look, but I despise it and would take the black pants over this any day.
  4. Unfortunately, this is actually believable since half the league is getting on in this disaster for whatever reason. The Saints don't seem like a team who would follow what other teams are doing, but who knows at this point?
  5. Jags are in TEAL. Thank goodness we avoided a black-heavy mess and instead will be given a nice set of colors. Was wondering at the beginning of the season if this would be late enough for teal instead of white at home.
  6. Exactly. It's similar to the Ravens how they seem to rotate pant colors almost like the answers of a multiple choice test. It's not as simple as A B C A B C, but something like A B A C B A and so on. Hopefully I'm making sense. It's somewhat predictable and typically evens out.
  7. I think simply inverting the numbers on the white jersey to be orange with navy trim would solve this issue quite well. And maybe orange socks:
  8. I've got the Jags in white or teal this week (hopefully teal) but definitely not black. Also think TEN will go white over light blue, as they should.
  9. Bengals release says white pants this week. Was hoping for black so that there could be some contrast with the red-heavy Arizona uniforms, but of course not..
  10. Titans are wearing white/navy again, at home, in October. What a joke. Is there a less exciting combo in the entire league? We never seem to see this matchup with Buffalo in white and Tennessee in color. Sort of like how whenever we see Chargers Jags, it's always JAC in black and LA in white.
  11. Maybe after the way Cleveland played yesterday we will see the orange pants again in San Fran, even though they said white on white. I say Ravens go white/white or white/purple (hopefully) since they always seem to rotate and lost in white/black last road game. Curious to see if the Titans are still in the WAH portion of their season (it seems to change every season) Chiefs always seem to go all red in primetime now.
  12. I don't get how back in Doug Pederson's first season in 2016, the team exclusively wore green pants with the white jersey, but since then they have only been worn once (2017 Wk 15 at NYG). 2016 was such a great season for uniforms all around, but several teams have regressed since then. I just hope we see this look again at some point..