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  1. Love to see the Eagles stick with green pants. Haven't worn these against the Packers in green and yellow since 2003. We've seen them paired with the throwbacks and we've seen the white on white look several times at Lambeau since then.
  2. He's just like that Gametime Saint guy. Not a verified account but always nails the uniform combination. By the way, he says white on black for the Saints in Atlanta.
  3. Where did you see this? They don't usually announce the combo until Friday afternoon.
  4. I'm convinced there truly isn't anything to do in Buffalo, NY simply based off the fact that both the team and its fans on social media are going ape:censored: over white facemasks. If they're so oddly obsessed with such a subtle variation, why not just switch to it full time?
  5. No teal pants for the Jags. Sticking with black pants in Minnesota. Wish they could at least wear teal socks with that look. It's just so PLAIN.
  6. Finally some light blue pants. Now can we see them with the other jerseys too please?
  7. Seems like a lot of work for the equipment staff to do something that isn't even that noticeable. On a similar note, I don't get why Washington didn't just keep their helmet stripe and slap the W logo on the helmet rather than going through the trouble of placing decals for every number on every helmet.
  8. It's "Code Blue" weekend in Nashville, which means the Titans will likely be in light blue jerseys with light blue pants vs. Cleveland. Should get the official announcement today. I hope we get the Browns in orange pants, but this should be great looking game regardless.
  9. I think the Panthers pull off the every portion is a different color look better than any other team could, so I give them credit for attempting it. The light blue socks match the thick blue stripe on the pants, and the black pants match the jersey number, but the silver is sorta on its own aside from the border of the pant stripe. The black pant combos don't necessarily look better, but they are the closest we have come to getting a Panthers redesign.
  10. It's a shame this game isn't gonna be played at Levi's Stadium. Worried the Bills aren't gonna want to wear blue pants to the desert again after the Hail Mary but fingers crossed.
  11. I'd take matching socks/pants over both teams wearing white pants almost any day. This look worked nicely when they played the Chiefs a few weeks back and I think it would've popped here too. Plus it's at least more interesting than a white on white look that has been seen a thousand times and is a rather mediocre uniform to begin with. Also balances out their colors more evenly. Blue socks would obviously work better, but it's still a more exciting look overall in my opinion.
  12. This slate of games is an absolute snooze fest as far as uniforms go. Seems like almost every game features a team in white on white. Thought for sure the Panthers would go black pants, which would've been perfect, but nope. Instead we get the same tired, painfully underwhelming nonsense they've been wearing their entire existence Oh and let's see if the Falcons can improve to 0-5 in their super cool all black combo today!
  13. Saints have tweeted that they will be wearing their "icy whites," which is perhaps the most rage inducing term in football uniform history. Was hoping we'd never see those things again. Eagles are in green Monday night, marking the third time in 2 seasons they will wear this vs. Seattle. Thought for sure that would be a black jersey game. Browns in white on white of course vs. black on black.