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  1. So just when we thought 7 uniform updates was a lot, it now seems like Washington could be an 8th, though I'd imagine most of the uniform remains the same with just a new helmet logo.
  2. This is the type of matchup where the home team generally will win because of all the crowd noise and such, yet the league for whatever reason loves putting it in primetime. The last time Seattle came to Minnesota was twice during the 2015 season (Week 13 and Divisional Round when Walsh missed the chip shot game winner). This was back in the final season when the Vikings were playing outdoors, but Seattle will finally be scheduled to come to the dome next season.
  3. I find it funny how in 2012, the first year with these uniforms, the Seahawks primarily wore the two white combos you mentioned, but now it's the other way around. This would also be the third year in a row they'd wear green against Minnesota, all in primetime, though in 2018 they wore it with green pants.
  4. Interesting catch, Eugene. I've pointed out before that the teal and black jerseys are basically worn the same amount anyway, so it's almost hard to tell which is which. The only time black feels like their standard jersey color is when they end up playing road games in it when their opponent wears white. This is becoming more common throughout the league with these relaxed jersey rules that have teams seemingly wearing a different combination every week.
  5. The Texans have released theirs as early as June 5. The Jets released their home game themes on June 12 last year. Giants and Bears have done it early some years. August is usually the big month, but I just don't understand that we have zero knowledge yet besides maybe Patriots home games since they only have one combo and don't do white at home anymore.
  6. Has there still not been a single uniform combination announced yet for this season? Obviously there is some uncertainty, but you'd think at least one team would've announced dates for alternates or throwbacks by now. I'm wondering if the schedule gets modified or pushed back if some teams will get more freedom with their jersey color choices down the road. I've heard some early weeks may be tacked on to the end of the schedule if there is a delayed start, which would be quite a curve ball if teams who normally wear white early in the season are instead playing those games in December or January.
  7. I feel that! A couple things I was curious about: Where are you getting Miami in throwback for Week 1 on the road? Last season they wore it at home in Week 2 Shouldn't Week 15 have Philly in green pants like last season? How are that that many games with Dallas in Color Rush? Although it looks awesome paired up with Philly midnight green and I hope that actually happens for a change.
  8. This is incredible! Clearly some complications arise with all the new combos of the teams with new uniforms and with different primetime matchups, etc. but overall this is cool and I'm sure a good part of it will be accurate.
  9. Thank you for acknowledging how weird it is writing "bone/bone." Gonna say TEN wears light blue for that Week 5 game this time, the Throwback comes a week earlier vs. NE, and San Francisco sticks with red and we get BUF in blue pants, which will make for a solid colorful Monday nighter. I agree with white in the opener and red for the Steelers game.
  10. Here are my predictions for Week 1: HOU white/navy at KC red/white MIA white/aqua at NE navy/navy CLE brown/white at BAL white/purple OAK black/silver at CAR white/white NYJ green/white at BUF white/white IND blue/white at JAC white/white GB white/yellow at MIN purple/white SEA white/navy at ATL black/black PHI white/white at WAS burgundy/white CHI white/navy at DET blue/grey LAC white/white at CIN black/white TB white/white at NO black/black ARI white/white at SF red/gold DAL navy/silver at LAR bone/bone PIT white/gold at NYG blue/white TEN white/navy at DEN orange/white Week 1 is usually easier to predict since there are often limited alternate jerseys and certain teams tend to wear white at home. I think the biggest question marks for jersey color would be CIN and LAR, and several teams' pant colors are a toss-up - MIA, PHI, BAL, TEN. Other than that, I'd guess at least 9-10 of these will be spot-on.
  11. I hope Pitt wears an alternate vs. the Eagles in Week 5, especially if we're stuck with Philly in all white. We see that exact pairing every preseason already. I would guess Jacksonville wears black vs. Pittsburgh this time since they seem to reserve the teal for October home games and national TV games.
  12. As a Packers fan myself: That game in Tampa is gonna be gorgeous. I haven't seen Green Bay in white vs. Tampa in that version of red in my lifetime. Please keep the all pewter on the shelf. Really hope Tennessee wears light blue bottoms for that Week 16 game. Would look amazing on SNF. I read somewhere that the Pack won't be wearing any throwback uniform this season but will be getting a new one next season. A lot of us seem to think the all white will be worn vs. ATL, but I think the Thursday nighter in San Fran is another possibility, especially since they annihilated us twice last season in white over gold. I think Houston could be in Color Rush or red for the Week 7 game based on the placement right in the middle of the season and the lack of primetime home games, but it could go either way.
  13. That was a solid breakdown above, but here are some of my thoughts: Hopefully the Rams and Chargers ditch white at home in the indoor stadium, though I could see the Rams wearing the bone jersey in Week 1 vs. Dallas. I'd say after the Jets got shut out last year on MNF vs. NE in green, they certainly go with black this time on MNF, and possibly for the Week 4 TNF game vs. Denver. Hoping the white out game is Buffalo Wk 7 rather than Arizona Week 5. Really curious to see how the Falcons break up their alternate jersey games, especially with no home primetime games. Also curious to see if the Bucs wear white at home early in the season. They didn't have a 1pm home game til Week 10 last season, so it wasn't clear if that was still a thing or that ARI game in white at home was a coincidence or something. Hoping they don't ruin any good matchups with the pewter alt. Use that for SNF against NO and maybe KC since they are red-heavy. Safe to say Miami will wear the aqua throwback for one of the three home games in the stretch from Week 13-15 (vs. CIN, KC, NE). The white one could be worn vs. BUF in Week 2 once again and maybe vs. LAC in Week 7 for a nice Throwback style pairing. I pray that they bring the aqua pants for their west coast trip at SF and then wear them in Denver as well the following week. Would love to see Seattle wear neon green vs. NE on SNF Week 2. Hoping they don't wear it against MIN in Week 5 for the third season in a row. Should also wear it Week 11 vs. ARI on TNF. San Fran has several primetime home games, one of which they will likely wear the throwback for. I hope its the Ram game. They tried to do this for SNF in 2018, but it got flexed out. I don't like seeing teams wear white at home vs. opponents that rarely come to town. Could we see NO wear Color Rush in Week 3 vs. GB or would that be dumb to let them march into town in their green and gold? Or maybe Week 5 like the post above suggests I'm hoping the Titans wear some sort of blue for Week 5 vs. Buffalo. This exact matchup had them in white, but the season starts a week later this year, so hopefully we don't see BUF in blue again in TEN for the third time since 2015. Would've been nice to see TEN in light blue vs. PIT, but maybe light blue pants with white tops is a more realistic wish. Wondering if the Bengals go white at home Week 1 in the late window or go black like the home opener last season. Would love to see Dallas in navy at home vs. PIT and/or NYG for a change. The Arizona MNF game would be nice too, which is more likely, or maybe even Week 15 vs. SF. Really hope the Lions don't ruin what could be a nice Thanksgiving matchup by wearing gray vs. Houston.