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  1. If those are the real Bucs unis, then it is the exact same scenario as the Jaguars. Use a flashy, cartoony uniform for 5-6 years, get ripped apart for it, and then compensate by making the newest set excessively simplified and lifeless. God forbid they find a middle ground that has some sort of design element on the jersey but avoids gimmicky nonsense like enormous helmet logos and two-toned helmet shells. They'd better minimize use of the white on white look, which doesn't have any pewter aside from the helmet and is ultimately very plain and boring. At least the previous white on white set they wore often had a solid balance of red and pewter with some orange mixed in. Take away the helmet and both the home and road uniforms are just bland beyond comprehension.
  2. I love how these teams will screw up their rebrand but act like it's awesome, and then once they redo it again in 5 years, they basically bash the previous design and talk about how simpler, more traditional uniforms are better. Classic.
  3. Anyone else love the new FOX scoreboard? I hope that sticks around for next season. FOX has been the only network not to use team logos, which I never understood. I think the graphics made that matchup seem more appealing than if it had used the standard plain scoreboard it has all season.
  4. I'm surely in the minority, but I wouldn't mind the Chiefs in all red (not that it would happen). We see this standard matchup during the preseason very frequently and just saw it a year ago in the regular season, so I wouldn't mind something different. I can't recall a team ever not wearing their standard home or road uniform in the Super Bowl in recent seasons though, granted many of the teams who have made it haven't really had the option.
  5. How did the Titans lose? I thought those navy pants gave them magic powers, which is why they cant wear the far superior Columbia blue pants? Very strange.
  6. Titans navy bottoms already confirmed last night. Why can't at least one of the weird parallelogram things on the pants be light blue, or at least the socks? (I mocked that up below). This combo has such an odd color distribution. There is no light blue below the waist and you can barely see it on the number trim or armpits since the players arms cover it most of the time.
  7. It's a shame that the NFC is the visiting team. I'd much rather see red and gold or green and yellow than the white versions of those.
  8. An all AFC South championship would've been cool, but at least we avoided the navy mess from Week 17. Worth noting the Titans beat KC in columbia pants the last 2 meetings there, including the 2017 playoffs. Fingers crossed.
  9. Why must the Titans have all this success in their absolute worst uniform that everyone will now grow familiar with? If this was happening in the light blue bottoms, that would probably evolve into their standard look by next season. Why can't we ever have nice things?
  10. How can any human watch a game like this and prefer that teams wear white on white? The color balance and variety is just absolutely flawless. I've wanted to see this uniform pairing since the Vikings started wearing purple pants back in 2013.
  11. Something similar happened back in 2017-18 when they beat KC in light blue bottoms and then wore them again in New England the next weekend.
  12. Titans navy pants confirmed. Ravens purple jersey confirmed. Is there an alternate universe where this combo is worn regularly?
  13. I agree it looks much cooler and more professional when the end zones are painted, but I feel like it wouldn't work for some teams, particularly some of the more historic franchises that play on natural grass (GB, CHI, PIT, WAS). I think it would look off in those cases. Otherwise, it seems like most teams have tried it over the past several seasons for at least part of the season.
  14. If the Texans somehow reach the Super Bowl, I would hope they wear white as the home team. Their home set is boring and too navy-heavy, but the road set has those nice red numbers that pop and mix up the pallet. Only downside is the lack of red socks. I wish more teams went for this color balance, but it appears to be becoming less common as Nike redesigns teams. Just look at their division rival Titans..the light blue is pretty much nonexistent unless they wear the light blue jersey or pants. Why not work in more accents with the secondary color (socks, stripes, number trim, etc.)? If the Titans make it, I would hope to God they somehow don't wear navy pants.