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  1. If they do wear them at home, I'd assume at least once would be against a division opponent. But my goodness I can't stand teams introducing white throwbacks to wear at home. I hope it's reserved for the road or at least no more than one home game.
  2. I'm certain I'll be in the minority here since everyone seems to love these, but does anyone else agree that it was unnecessary for the Browns to introduce a fourth white uniform combination? They already don't wear the white over orange look nearly enough, and now it'll likely only make one or two appearances if we're lucky. Hopefully the throwback serves as a replacement for the regular white on white look since they really aren't even that different besides the drop shadow and the minor differences on the helmet.
  3. Absolutely LOVE to see the Jags no longer in white at home and love to see Dallas bringing back navy at home (although this wasn't the best opponent). I agree there were so many better options for Denver's navy game though, as was the case last season. Washington, Cincy, or even Baltimore would've been great. Sick of seeing them in orange versus Baltimore, who hopefully will spice things up with the purple pants at least. I personally have grown tired of seeing Denver's orange jersey so often. It worked so much better as an alternate, and I rarely see an opponent on their schedule and think orange would look better than navy. The navy has enough orange accents that pretty much everything clashes pretty nicely with it and makes it pop. KC and LV also apply in this case, but as mentioned, it would be nice to see them wear these against non-division opponents. Imagine how nice these matchups would've looked: BAL (white/purple) at Denver (navy/white) WAS (white/burgundy) at Denver (navy/white) PHI (white/green) at Denver (navy/white) Cincinnati (white/black) at Denver (navy/white) One last observation I have is that it seems that teams never make Denver wear color on the road ever since they switched to orange in 2012. The only time I can recall the orange making a road appearance off the top of my head is 2016 at Tampa Bay in Week 4. I guess they've worn navy a couple times on the road though (at DAL 2013, at ATl last season).
  4. Colts wearing throwback Week 12 vs. Tampa. Should be a nice looking game if the Bucs wear pewter pants.
  5. So this is what the Rams will wear Week 1 versus Chicago, Week 9 vs. TEN, and Week 10 at San Fran. All primetime matchups. Wish this could just be the regular road look but that would make too much sense. Really hate this trend of random white at home matchups throughout the season that has become more normalized in recent seasons.
  6. These look awesome overall. A couple things I caught though: Ravens, Lions, and Eagles number fonts look a little off. Maybe scale up the Jets helmet logo and scale down the Bears helmet logo. Giants pant stripes should all be the same thickness. But other than that, these are stunning! Can't wait for this season and all the predictions!
  7. How are they allowed to wear throwback 6 times?? Are there any restrictions left at this point? Once the helmet rule takes effect, it's gonna be absolute chaos. I will say I am thankful we'll finally see something different for the Green Bay game, which is the 4th meeting in Santa Clara in the past 3 seasons..
  8. They weren't even that bad in the second half of last season. They could've won the division if the Eagles didn't throw that Week 17 game. Plus they've only gotten better this offseason. Very strange that they don't have any home primetime games but visit both Super Bowl teams for Monday night games. I could see them wearing the Color Rush for one of those or for the Washington TNF game in Week 2.
  9. The Packers wore their throwbacks last time they hosted Cleveland. I'm hoping for white/orange against green/yellow.
  10. It's all fun and games until we realize half the teams that utilize another helmet will do it for some monochromatic, Color Rush style Arena League look rather than a classic Throwback.
  11. Yeah, not sure why they don't ever wear it a second time. It's one of the nicer alternates and the fans seem to love it. Plus their standard navy uniforms are pretty dull to begin with.
  12. The Texans were very early with their home game themes this year, which is great, but man they need to do a better job and be a little more creative with this. Battle red against the Colts in Week 13 again? Really? Why not push it back a week for the Seattle game to spare us some navy? And then they make their Deep Steel Sunday against the Chargers once again, which happened back in 2016, granted both teams will look a little different this time around. At least the white out game should give us the Jags in teal.
  13. EA isn't good at keeping up with current uniform trends (among other things..) Why showcase Miami, Buffalo, Tampa, etc. in white on white when it's clear these teams now favor their colored pants with the white jersey. Isn't it a better marketing ploy to use colorful, eyecatching uniforms on the players anyway?
  14. What a gorgeous matchup that would be. We got Washington in all burgundy versus Seattle last season, so this would be a nice way to make this matchup look more interesting under the lights.
  15. Interesting observation. How confident is the league that the Rodgers situation will be resolved? I find it a bit excessive that every one of their home division games is in primetime and every other game is in the late window.
  16. That's what I was going for, a very unlikely option for each matchup. I was hoping my sarcasm would've been detectable. Most of your list is pretty accurate.
  17. Here are my Week 1 predictions. I don't see any of these turning out to be wrong: DAL (Color Rush White) at TB (Color Rush Pewter) PIT (white/yellow) at BUF (blue/blue) PHI (white/green) at ATL (gradient) LAC (powder/yellow) at WAS (white/burgundy) SEA (grey/grey) at IND (blue/white) NYJ (white/white) at CAR (blue/black) MIN (purple/purple) at CIN (white/white) JAC (teal/teal) at HOU (white/navy) SF (throwback white) at DET (blue/blue) ARI (white/red) at TEN (light blue/navy) DEN (white/white) at NYG (blue/white) GB (green/yellow) at NO (Color Rush) MIA (aqua/white) at NE (white/navy) CLE (white/brown) at KC (red/red) CHI (orange/white) at LAR (bone/yellow) BAL (purple/white) at LV (throwback white)
  18. I'd also throw the Bengals in there. They don't seem to do it for the opener anymore, but last season they wore white at home in Week 8 and Week 12. I hope they don't do this again especially since the Color Rush is now basically the standard road uniform.
  19. I think the idea is more for the complete uniform matchups between the two teams. Obviously teams like the Packers will generally wear the same thing most weeks, but it's still fun to see what it's paired up with.
  20. Packers Predictions: Week 1 at New Orleans - white/yellow vs. black/black (again) Week 2 vs. Detroit MNF - white/blue vs. green/yellow (DET hasn't worn blue pants at Lambeau since 2017 when they debuted - also a Monday night game) Week 3 at San Fran - white/yellow vs. red/gold (yet again) Week 4 vs. Pittsburgh - white/yellow vs. green/yellow (too much yellow as always) Week 5 at Cincinnati - white/yellow vs. black/black (please keep the orange and the white on the shelf, Bengals) Week 6 at Chicago - white/yellow at navy/white Week 7 vs. WAS - white/burgundy at green/yellow (WAS pant color could go either way, could also see this being a throwback week if the Packers introduce one) Week 8 at ARI - white/yellow vs. Color Rush black (I'm cool with it in this case, we've seen ARI in red vs. Green Bay before anyway) Week 9 at KC - white/yellow vs. red/white Week 10 vs. SEA - white/grey vs. green/yellow (We've seen this matchup a lot lately, with SEA not having much luck in any other combo) Week 11 at MIN - white/yellow vs. purple/white Week 12 vs. LAR - bone/bone/blue vs. green/yellow (don't see the Rams wearing blue pants again or yellow, hope they at least give us blue socks) Week 14 - vs. CHI - white/navy vs. green/yellow Week 15 at BAL - white/yellow vs. purple/black (this week seems to be when BAL has used up all its other combos and finally breaks this one out) Week 16 vs. CLE (Christmas) - white/orange vs. green/yellow Week 17 vs. MIN - white/white vs. green yellow (I hope and expect MIN to wear all-white and finally switch things up for this matchup) Week 18 at DET - white/yellow vs. blue/gray
  21. Some of these are stunning (but unlikely) The ones that I think have a realistic shot are: DAL TB LAC WAS SEA IND SF DET DEN NYG MIA NE CHI LAR BAL LV Cardinals Titans will end up being red/white vs. white/navy. Hideous. Schedule makers kinda ruined that one.. Same with Jets Panthers. That'll be green white vs. white/white. Bills will likely be in all white, avoiding blue vs. Pittsburgh for the second straight season. Eagles likely gonna bring back the white pants as usual to start the season, as sad as that reality is.
  22. It's bothering me how many players are opting to wear #1. So tacky and looks terrible with all the extra blank space on the back of the jersey. I don't mind it on an occasional QB like Cam Newton or Kyler Murray, but I can tell it's gonna become way too common already.
  23. Something tells me we are entering a very awkward transitional period where all the vets will be wearing the proper jersey numbers for their position, but all the rookies will be running around in single digits and weird looking numbers. It will slowly shift into full chaos as more rookies enter the league and guys join new teams and don't have to make up for the lost revenue. Oh and did I mention that I hate it and view as another pointless rule change this league insists on coming up with year after year when there was nothing wrong with how things were before?
  24. Not sure I'd trust an exhibit like that as an indication of what is or isn't a team's primary uniform. We've seen teams use alternate uniforms for these kinds of things before. Besides, the Browns already favored the orange pants at home last season (5:3 split), so I would still expect a pretty even split between white and orange pants with the brown jersey this season.
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