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  1. Hey @Athletics, your clean-up hitter shouldn't have the same helmet as your bat boy. #dualflap #littleleague

  2. Love the Sox home jerseys with "BOSTON" across the front. #BostonStrong

  3. Ladies and gentlemen, after work I'm getting a haircut. Until then I will be open to suggestions. After then I will be open to compliments.

  4. Well, @AndyRichter appeared on @HappyEndingsABC. Guess it's not coming back for a fourth season.

  5. I like the fact that Franklin batting gloves haven't changed in like 30 years.

  6. why wouldn't they shoot?

  7. Babe Alert behind Claude on the Bruin's bench

  8. If you're not down with 1D, I've got two words for ya

  9. #Reillypuns!“@ReillyRick: How do you like the pope's new Christler? ...”

  10. #hilarious “@ReillyRick: Have zero confidence in what's going on in Rome. The Cardinals always screw up their top pick.”

  11. #inspiring “@TheRealXPac: Im down to 206 from almost 240. I cant believe I got that heavy.”

  12. The Bruins lead the NHL in power play passes.

  13. If you think about it, The subway is just a really long, slow, flat roller coaster. #budgetvacation

  14. Jordan Crawford's not related to Carl, is he?