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  1. <joins darkpiranha and mbannon92 in slow clap then proceeds to yell "You rule!">

    This is probably the best fully completed thread I've seen on the boards and good luck in your future endeavors.

  2. Chicago North // Premier League


    Chicago had a number of neighborhood teams throughout the early 20th century. At one time they had 8 teams competing in the top 3 flights of America League. By the 1960s there were only 5 teams still standing and they were struggling.

    In 1970 a merger was discussed to split Chicago into 2 teams: Chicago North and Chicago South. Chicago North was built out of Gold Coast SC, Ravenswood, and Logan Square. They took on the colors of the Chicago flag and mascot and stadium of the most successful of the 3 teams: Ravenswood.

    The single star came with some controversy amongst other teams. Chicago North "earned" the star by combining championships from the 3 teams. They have won 3 on their own however the star is still viewed as "tainted" by many fans.

    The kits are made by adidas and feature the Chicago Flag on the chest. The team has struggled to keep primary kit sponsors because of this feature but stand their ground as they see it as a source of pride with Chicago residents. The home kit is light blue and the change kit is white.


    Below is the initial concept for Chicago North.


    I like! That's a lot like my UIC concept. (Not saying you yanked the idea from me... Chicago's flag begs to be used for soccer shirts.)

    That said, I couldn't help but feel Chicago South's identity would be more appropriate for a place like LA, San Diego, or Houston where it'd make more sense to have one club for the general populace, and one for the Mexican/Chicano community. The names Chicago North and Chicago South imply two clubs equally representing their "half" of Chicago; yet one gets to wear the city's flag and colors... thus making them the default "home" club... and the other has a foreign identity that doesn't even represent the entirety of the side of the city it's supposed to represent (lots of Irish and African-Americans as well). I get the historical aspect with Pilsen Atletico, but how often do two clubs merge, yet retain the identity of only one? (Seriously... I really don't know. :) )

    When the north stars and barons merged they kept the north stars identity and completely dropped the barons.

  3. In an unprecedented move that will suck the life out of summer, the month of August has acquired Tax Day from April in exchange for InternationAl Beer Day (August 5th) and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (first week of August). In addition to receiving Tax Day, August receives World Health Day (April 7th), Patriot's Day (April 21st), and Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day (fourth Thursday of the month). The trade is being reviewed by the League Office and will become official pending results of the physicals.

    Meh, no real stand out players in that bunch International Beer Day is a nice little player, but he won't be winning the MVP any time soon

    EDIT: Breaking News out of the June camp! June has traded Father's Day, Flag Day, June 23rd, and a 2nd Round Draft Pick, in exchange for New Year's Eve and Kwanzaa!!!! This HAS to make June a major contender

    Just read this pointlessly, and I think Kwanzaa is one of the most underrated days in the league, always being overshadowed by Christmas, hannuksh, new years, etc

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