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  1. Here is the Metro Division: Columbus Blue Jackets HMs: Seth Jones (Longevity) New Jersey Devils HMs: Travis Zajac (Quality of Play) & Zach Parise (Longevity) New York Islanders HMs: John Tavares (Went Out Hated) New York Rangers HMs: Ryan McDonagh (Longevity) Philadelphia Flyers HMs: Jakub Voracek (Longevity) Washington Capitals HMs: Evgeni Kuznetsov (Longevity) No HMs for Carolina & Pittsburgh Notable Exclusions Due to Retirement/Not Qualified: Justin Williams (CAR), Cam Ward (CAR), & Rick Nash (CBJ) Central coming up next!
  2. I only included players still playing professionally, so guys who retired and have yet to see their numbers retired won't be in this series. Hence, since Markov, Koivu, & Zetterberg have already retired, I didn't include them. Miller, however, I didn't think that much of! He just never really stood out to me, he'd probably still fall into the honorable mention category. Vezina is nice, but still probably not enough accolades for retired number levels.
  3. Hey all, I did a series years ago in which I created the future retired number banners for players who have yet to formally retire. Decided to redo this series with better concepts and more relevant players/numbers. For the dates, if it is not the last year a player played for the team shown, I am using the year their current contract expires. Again, this series is just players who are still currently playing either in the NHL or worldwide. Honorable Mentions for each team that didn't quite make it will be below. Getting things started with the Atlantic Division: Boston Bruins HMs: David Krejci (quality of play), David Pasternak & Brad Marchand (both longevity) Florida Panthers HMs: Alexsander Barkov & Jonathan Huberdeau (both longevity) Tampa Bay Lightning HMs: Andrei Vasilevsky & Victor Hedman (both longevity) Toronto Maple Leafs HMs: Auston Matthews (longevity) No Buffalo Sabres, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, & Ottawa Senators HMs Let me know if you agree or have any other players you think deserve consideration! Otherwise, Metro division is coming up next!
  4. AMAZING Suns concept. Looks a million times better than their current crap that they wear.
  5. Looks like the Rangers just leaked that not only will they (and most other, if not all, teams) release a Reverse Retro jersey, but a FOURTH jersey as well for the so-called "Power 31 Collection". Any ideas what you think this new series is going to look like?
  6. They’re okay, would look way better if black was in place of the white on the sleeves
  7. I like the idea of taking their color rush uniform and promoting it to the main road while demoting the white and red road jersey as an alternate/throwback, but I do have problems with it. 1) The old Giants uniforms from the 70s-90s people like look way too similar to the Bills current set sans helmet color. Furthermore, the home version really doesn't age well in my mind and looks very outdated compared to the road. 2) I don't agree with the Giants on the helmet thing, which was only done when the team moved to NJ in 1976 and didn't want to "lie" about their location in the first place. The square nature of the NY works a lot better on the helmet. 3) The Giants have played like total trash in those white color rush uniforms.
  8. Wow I was so hype for the return of pinstripes, but I guess I was wishing upon the Monkey's Paw. These do not look good. Just so many things wrong with this uniform. 1) The purple being almost completely absent outside of outlines 2) The fonts just not looking good at all combined with the pinstripes 3) The weird diagonal stripes on the back of the jersey 4) The numbers being way too big 5) The lack of striping on the shorts (although I know this was the case on the original unis too, still don't like the inconsistency) 6) The plain and boring sleeve and neck coloring 7) The terrible logo placement on the side shorts (it should be way smaller and lower) Had an opportunity to do something great and they botched it. It's a pretty lateral move imo.
  9. That looks way better! Might want to think about adding some outlines around "Phoenix" and adding some space between the Phoenix and Suns text. Otherwise it looks great!
  10. Agreed with the other user here. Colors look great and even the gradient looks nice, but it is WAY too bland for a team called the Suns. Nothing about this image invokes the team name and really just feels like the Knicks primary logo with the triangle removed and the text moved to the center of the ball. I feel you might need several adjustments to make the logo stand out more and feel more "Suns-y".
  11. Thank god finally, someone realized how horrible the Cowboys' current mismatched white set is. This is a marked improvement.
  12. This color rush uniform for ATL is actually AMAZING! Would be one of the sickest and most stylish uniforms on the field.
  13. Sorry for the delays in continuing this series. For now, I am not going to be doing uniforms for the teams I work on due to time constraints, but I will continue with the logos and hopefully teach you about the teams and moves that never were. I will also be doing this by league, so the two other NHL teams in this series aside from Colorado (one unused name and one near-relocation) will come first, before moving onto the other three leagues. Without further ado, we have: Sasktatoon Blues (1983: Relocation of the St. Louis Blues to Saskatoon, SK fell through after failed sale of team): I incorporated a more "S" shaped design (to represent Saskatoon and Saskatchewan) and brought the Blues more bulbous design from the 80s into the fray too.
  14. Hi all, Recently I was browsing the internet and noticed a lot of teams had rejected rebrands or renames that never quite made it to the final product but were awfully close. Thus, I felt it would be cool to do a design series on those rejected rebrands. There are two categories of brand rejection that I will be going into: 1) The rejected brand names either during a team creation or name change (8 teams, 2 in each sport) 2) Teams whose relocations fell through and never happened (4 teams, 1 in each sport) Hope you like this series. Without further ado, let's start this one off with what would've been one of the worst and most outdated team names in all of sports: Rocky Mountain Extreme (1995: Would be branded as the Colorado Avalanche instead) The logo is based directly off concept images for what would have been the logo for the Rocky Mountain Extreme. I updated and refined some aspects of the logo and applied the Avs color scheme to it as well. The uniforms are also partially based on the design of the Avs uniforms originally, but made some alterations to make the appearance more 90s (namely the rough, snowy font).
  15. That was their plan before COVID hit in their "Rally the Valley" promotion/campaign. They only used Kachina logos and uniforms in the promo material I saw. I'm sure it's gonna be like the Pens 2016 situation, where the Kachina is the home uni, regular road uni is the road, and next season Kachina goes full-time home with a corresponding away jersey.
  16. Since I went to TD Garden back in 2017, I did not. All I heard from that front was the massive criticism directed at the insane lack of legroom and removal of the cool yellow and black seats. Plus I still find the majority of its exterior to be pretty cold compared to other NBA/NHL venues. I might've not accounted for other significant renovations, so my apologies.
  17. The thing with the Dodgers, is part of the "arrive late, leave early" development is due to the ballpark's location and nightmarish traffic to get there. In spite of this (unlike Tampa, which has a similar problem) they still show up in droves. And additionally, a lot of baseball fans, no matter where you look, are glued to their phones, this is not a problem exclusive to LA, as it happens in NY with the Yankees and Chicago with the Cubs. The Raiders were a bit hard to rank, specifically new stadiums. Atmosphere plays more into the fandom aspect, I was evaluating mostly from a design standpoint (with exception to Lambeau). Even then, Raiders fans are one of the most widespread in the NFL and the Golden Knights proved a lot of Vegas residents care about their local teams, especially with the Raiders having an outstanding spread in SoCal.
  18. Since some of you may be questioning why some teams are not listed, here are my full rankings by league to clear some things up. Remember, logos/colors and uniforms play a big factor into the rankings, just as much as legacy, so the best brand isn't just the most historically significant ones (ones where you couldn't tell the story of the league without), but one that has an iconic and, more important, good looking appearance. Note I made some edits too, which I have fixed in the original ranks. If you have any suggestions or differences, let me know
  19. You could say the same for any NBA franchise. With exception to the Lakers, Spurs, and Celtics, pretty much every other NBA team has only been truly great at one point in time (if at all). For example, the Bulls are seen as a premiere brand in the NBA, yet they've mostly been trash outside of the Jordan years. The Warriors had been great in the 70s, as well as arguably being the best team of all-time in the 2010s. They also have an awesome look overall in recent years and a historically great fanbase.
  20. Habs and Celtics were near misses too, both ranking top 5 in their leagues. Blackhawks, Pens, Red Wings, and Maple Leafs beat out the Habs, while the Lakers, Warriors and Bulls ranked over the Celts. Only things that hurt their ranks were venues, which both ranked in the dead middle of their respective leagues.
  21. I love practically everything about their brand (stadium, logo/colors, and legacy all ranked top 5, with fanbase in the top 10 too), but their uniforms destroyed their rank, as I ranked their uniforms at 21st (Their road blues are good, but I HATE the white home uniform with the horrendous teal pants, no matter how classic it might be. Even players hate them). They ranked #5 out of all the 32 NFL teams, just behind the Chiefs. As for the Patriots, their legacy ranks #2, but everything else I personally think is pretty mediocre about the Pats' brand, specifically the logos/colors and uniform.
  22. Definitely rough, but man oh man does that look 1000x better. That would actually be a really nice uniform.
  23. Hi all, Like most of you, I have been really bored this quarantine and decided to go in-depth into each team in all of the 4 major professional sports in my free time. After analyzing all 123 teams, here are what ended up being my top 10 brands, based equally on Colors/Logos (C/L), Uniforms (U), Venue (V), Legacy (L), and Fandom (F). The rankings in each category in comparison to the rest of their league are listed with some teams ahead of them if in the top five: 10. Boston Red Sox (3rd Overall in MLB) C/L: 7th out of 30 U: 12th out of 30 V: 3rd out of 30 (CHC & SF are ahead) L: 3rd out of 30 (NYY & STL are ahead) F: 3rd out of 30 (LAD & CHC are ahead) 9. Detroit Red Wings (3rd Overall in NHL) C/L: 4th out of 31 (STL, CHI, & PIT are ahead) U: 4th out of 31 (NYR, CHI, & TOR are ahead) V: 16th out of 31 L: 2nd out of 31 (MTL is ahead) F: 2nd out of 31 (WPG is ahead) 8. Los Angeles Dodgers (2nd Overall in MLB) C/L: 5th out of 30 (NYM, NYY, CWS, & MIL are ahead) U: 7th out of 30 V: 8th out of 30 L: 5th out of 30 (NYY, STL, BOS, & SF are ahead) F: 1st out of 30 7. Pittsburgh Penguins (2nd Overall in NHL) C/L: 2nd out of 31 (CHI is ahead) U: 6th out of 31 V: 7th out of 31 L: 4th out of 31 (MTL, DET, & CHI are ahead) F: 6th out of 31 6. Green Bay Packers (3rd Overall in NFL) C/L: 8th out of 32 U: 5th out of 32 (PIT, LVR, LAC, & KC are ahead) V: 1st out of 32 L: 5th out of 32 (PIT, NE, SF, & DAL are ahead) F: 5th out of 32 (BUF, KC, PIT, & SEA are ahead) 5. Pittsburgh Steelers (2nd Overall in NFL) C/L: 3rd out of 32 (LVR & DET are ahead) U: 1st out of 32 V: 14th out of 32 L: 1st out of 32 F: 3rd out of 32 (BUF & KC are ahead) 4. Chicago Blackhawks (1st Overall in NHL) C/L: 3rd out of 31 (STL & PIT are ahead) U: 2nd out of 31 (NYR is ahead) V: 8th out of 31 L: 3rd out of 31 (MTL & DET are ahead) F: 4th out of 31 (WPG, DET, & MTL are ahead) 3. Las Vegas Raiders (1st Overall in NFL) C/L: 1st out of 32 U: 2nd out of 32 (PIT is ahead) V: 3rd out of 32 (GB & DAL are ahead) L: 7th out of 32 F: 6th out of 32 2. Los Angeles Lakers (1st Overall in NBA) C/L: 7th out of 30 U: 3rd out of 30 (CHI & BOS are ahead) V: 2nd out of 30 (NYK is ahead) L: 1st out of 30 F: 7th out of 30 1. New York Yankees (1st Overall in MLB) C/L: 2nd out of 30 (NYM is ahead) U: 1st out of 30 V: 10th out of 30 L: 1st out of 30 F: 4th out of 30 (LAD, CHC, & BOS are ahead) Just Missed the Cut: - Chicago Cubs - Kansas City Chiefs - Toronto Maple Leafs - Montreal Canadiens - San Francisco Giants Do you agree? If not, who else? If you want me to release my full rankings, let me know and I can post the sheets doc.
  24. Chargers: A. Only thing I'm not so sure about are the yellow pants, may have preferred powder pants or just white pants. The rest of the rebrand and new uniforms look fantastic, especially the new alternates. Buccaneers: A-. It's not the most creative rebrand, but the Bucs do look eons better than before. I really like the pewter alternate they revealed too. It's nice to see the Bucs look presentable again in their SB era uniforms. Browns: B. Again, not too creative, but also eons better than the prior look. While I really like the return of the classic home and road uniforms, the alternate is really boring and I'm disappointed they didn't change their awful primary logo to "Brownie the Elf" as teased. Colts: B. Really like the number switch, as it gives the Colts a more unique look. Also really like the new wordmark, as the old one was horribly outdated. A bit upset by the lack of change for the out-of-place gray facemask and the new alternate logo is just flat out bad. Patriots: B-. Like the uniforms themselves and are both upgrades from the outdated Reebok design, but not as large an upgrade as they should be. What hurts this set badly is the continued use of a silver helmet (instead of white), which kills a lot of the look. Falcons: D+. The old Reebok uniforms needed to go badly, but man these are not it. I wouldn't have as much of a problem with them if they just went to an outline instead of an ugly drop shadow and shrunk the numbers and the "ATL". I like the return of black as the main home jersey color and the matte helmet, but oh lord that gradient uniform is awful and should've been just red. I also really don't like the pant combos for some reason. Rams: F. While the return of classic colors was really needed, I actually like the new helmet design, and the new blue jersey is at least okay, the rest of this rebrand is an unholy abomination that has destroyed any brand credibility the Rams had in LA. The bone uniform is the hands-down worst uniform in the NFL and one of the worst in all of sports period, while the logo saw a massive downgrade too.