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  1. When people say Free Tebow, they literally mean "Free Tebow". Like, here he is, please take him off my hands. #jets #nfl #freetebow

  2. Took me over 6 months to see it but The Dark Knight Rises was excellent and exceeded all my expectations. #slowpoke

  3. NBA Coast to Coast reading waaaay too much into Andrew Bynum's (stupid) hair. #NBA

  4. Pretty sure that Kevin Durant commercial with the Asian mom is about sex and not changing light bulbs. #NBAAllStarGame

  5. The two people flirtatiously wrestling in my dining room need to seal the deal or get out of my house so I can go to bed.

  6. Spaced out going to the Harlem Shake flash mob. Damn.

  7. Would just like to remind all the people who hate Valentine's Day and are happy it's over that you're still gonna die sad and alone. #troll

  8. Kobe MVP chants at the Staples Center #LOL #LOLakers #mambatweets

  9. OKC fans having trouble with the "Miami sucks!" chant due to the number of syllables.

  10. Does Gretchen Weiners get no candy on Valentine's Day too? #yougoglencoco

  11. I feel like Barney Stinson/NPH would use Valentine's Day as the chance to go to the bar and pick up all of the sad single women. #vday

  12. N-I-T chant... Well played, Cameron Crazies. #duke #unc #restlessnerds

  13. People who still wear Penn State gear have a minor problem. #jokesonjokesonjokes

  14. Strep throat. Cool, man. #noolproblems

  15. Ha BOOM GOES THE DY-NO-MITE @LynetteClaire RT@basketballtalk: Bulls watch as Nuggets run right past them to easy win http://t.co/Yp2WM3qv

  16. Yo Soy Fiesta: Rob Gronkowski, Porn Star? - @Deadspin http://t.co/iztr4Qzh @BrianCook926

  17. This speech class needs a "wrap it up" box. #gatorproblems http://t.co/Y4KyUv4X

  18. Feel like I haven't slept for days and that I've been mauled by a wolverine. #noolproblems

  19. Frat Boy 3, if you're gonna celebrate a shot and back up hard into me I'm gonna throw a forearm in your back. Then you'll bitch and get a T.

  20. The lack of a taco emoji is both disappointing and racist. #damnyou

  21. Discussion in class was awful because of #NationalHangoverDay

  22. The Force: Volkswagen Commercial. Still my favorite Super Bowl commercial. http://t.co/B5pHFR4b

  23. GODDAMNIT WHERE IS JAY-Z?!?? #Superbowl

  24. Had a slurpee in 37 degree weather. Colorado man card regained. #achievementunlocked

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