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  1. Love the logos and the Idea, the only thing that I find wrong is that it runs into the current Jets jersery scheme.
  2. There's just a little too much in the middle and not enough in the ribbon out side.
  3. The texans one looks to collegey. But I really like it. Overall I think the set is great.
  4. jbyrd

    Virginia Tech Logo

    Not to rain on your parade, but they do actually have a turkey logo already. I like yours a lot but the only reason I'm putting this here is because you said they needed one. But overall I like yours. It just needs to be cleaned up
  5. Haha it's your monitor
  6. I like it, but it looks like he survived an attack from the dark lord with that lightning mark on his head
  7. I see your point but, a few cities share color schemes. Doesn't mean they have to. Plus, I actually find their actual color palette to be better. The way the orange, blue and yellow pop against the black, the way the orange echoes the Miami sunshine and the black, with all the colors, the Miami nightlife. There was some thought put into the color selection and not just, "Hey the Dolphins use these colors. We just moved out of their stadium so let's copy them." I get it, I actually don't mind their uniforms and colors now. I think they make a bold choice and statement. I just feel they went a little over board and what this thread is showing what it would look like if they cleaned it up a little. And that they should keep teal, they won two world series with it, why abandon it? All in all, im fine with both the current design and this users concept. And you make a strong argument for why they chose what they have now
  8. I see your point but, a few cities share color schemes.
  9. The home looks too much like the detroit stars uniforms(the ones the tigers wear to honor the negro leagues) but these would look great as throw backs, but not full time uniforms
  10. Maybe change the the letters to grey and the grey area to white
  11. The updates looks even better. The teal on the arms in the home uniform breaks up all the orange that what in the orignal. They really need to switch too these.
  12. jbyrd

    MLB Cap Concepts

    I really like it. Its crisp clean and the colors are great. I dont undestand what the white line is going I is. If you lose that and keep the white of the feather. Or maybe at a white boarder. But in general awesome design
  13. Pittsburgh Pirates WS Champs: 1909,1925,1960,1971,1979 Pittsburgh penguins SC Champs: 1991, 1992, 2009 also conference champs 2008. Pittsburgh Steelers SB Champs: 74'75'78'79'05'08 If you could do all of that, thank you.
  14. This concept is very well done, its clean and simple. One problem I have is the color of the script and triming around it, maybe switch the home and away around. But its not too big of deal. Overall I really like it
  15. It would look cleaner if it drawn on a computer. But the only change would be make the gray area white. It would make it cleaner and crisp, but keep the grey as piping.
  16. Pitt with ray graham? thanks in advance
  17. jbyrd

    NHL Pens concept

    Thanks for the input, as goes for the socks it was getting late and i was working on the action shot all day and was just wanting to get it done but looking at it, it could be better. as for the stripes on the arms, i said in the description that i left them off on purpose because it started to look more like a steelers jersey and wanted to see what it would look like with a plain black going down the arm. But again thank you.
  18. jbyrd

    NHL Pens concept

    Hello Community, this is my first concept post so i thought i start with my hometown penguins. I like their layout now except for the whole Vegas gold they are using. So i brought back the yellow gold from the cup years, which is the inspiration from my designs. In the photo with just the jersey I added three horizontal stripes to the arms, but not in the real life model so you can gage which one fits in better. Also I started working on a secondary logo but i'm stuck on what to add to improve it, clearly its missing something. So C & C are very much welcome. I've always enjoyed doing things like this but this is the first time i've put something out.
  19. I like it, the only problem i have with it is the two different shades of blue. The lighter shade is fine in the light house but it's not working for me on the sleeve. Although they are going to stay the new york islanders, i think this is a good start if they wanted to rebrand and its not toooooo far off of their brand now, like some of the rebrands of today(i.e. Marlins)