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  1. That sounds like the most godawful idea ever. Why would people in Tampa bother to turnout for a team that would spend the latter half of the season in Montreal?
  2. Even if you have a tradition of losing? Unis look nice. Good color, neither too many details like the Browns unis nor too simple like the Jags.
  3. Vegas fans have waited months for this moment. Savor every single second.
  4. Germany's 1994 world cup kit Then there is this beauty. No, it's not an early gay pride kit. The team's (VfL Bochum) sponsor decided to just turn the entire jersey into one big advertisement even though the colors had nothing to do with the club:
  5. I hope He Hate Me will finally get inducted into the XFL Hall of Fame.
  6. Maybe. It's however intended to represent the colors of the city of Gelsenkirchen (which Schalke is a borough of).
  7. Every German remembers this design from 94. Kind of surprised that it isn't trademarked by adidas.
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