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  1. The Fleet Steel Gray is 432C so yeah it definitely has a blue hue.
  2. This is correct Primary Logo for the Amarillo Sod Poodles. The one listed currently on the mother ship is incorrect. Also this is the Inaugural Season logo if needed.
  3. Interesting that they have brought a new typeface into the mix...I wonder if this new typeface will be added for additional league elements?
  4. You realize there is one centralized location here in town where these "Sod Poodles" are known for inhabiting. Apparently, it is across the street from the hotel where the "branding agency" stayed when they came to visit the town for research. Funny thing is the city just eradicated them from the area...
  5. I wished we all could see the detail on the wagon wheel logo...it could make a great addition to the official university marks and be used for other sports as well.
  6. Dusty is a friend, he spoke with the GM and the GM admitted that the name Sod Poodles were brought to the "Name the Team Contest" by the branding agency (we all know who) and never was a fan submission. This is someone exposing the ownership group for their fake contests. Dusty is a hero in Amarillo to all of those who hate the name like me.
  7. I live in the Pantone world, not the HEX or RGB one
  8. From what I was told...correct me if I am wrong. Below are the three together. Miami Blue - Pantone 299C Caliente Red - Pantone Red 032C Slate Gray - Pantone 7698C
  9. That trademark is still held by Texas Professional Baseball, Inc just like the Amarillo Gold Sox trademark is now held by the City of Marysville, CA and the Yuba-Sutter Gold Sox.
  10. Suddenly the Amarillo Sod Poodles is not such a bad name after all..
  11. It looks like they have kept the same two colors from their existing scheme, especially with this graphic.
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