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  1. The chest ATL looks much smaller here than in other images, and is much better. I hope they go with this size but there are way more photos with the larger ATL so seems unlikely. More likely someone saw the smaller one and said "make it bigger".
  2. Pewter set pant stripes also remind me of NE color rush
  3. My only thought for the color rush pewters would be to add a thin stroke of orange to the outside of the numerals and pant stripe. This would bring the stroke weight in line with other jerseys and keep that orange across all three sets.
  4. I think the Bucs' colors will stick, but I could see them updating the text mark: It looks piratey I suppose but isn't terrbily legible at small sizes, has an awkward 'sheen', and looks a bit dated. Plus, what's up with that A going behind the N? See: Detroit, 2008 and Carolina, 2011 Both went from more busy, themed text to simple flat colors in a more legible font. Could this be an alternative? They are using this font everywhere: Also on the website: