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  1. Here is the Toronto Raptors Uniform concept. I decided to follow the direction of what the NBA has put out in these modern times. Away: Home: Alternate:
  2. The next concept is the San Antonio Spurs alternate uniform. I really disliked the one they introduced, so I had decided to do both a grey alternate and black alternate.
  3. Thanks you for the reply and feedback. In terms of a "better font", which font are you specifically talking about?
  4. Hello, I am new to posting in this forum, well any forum to be honest. I'm mostly into NBA uniforms and have decided to post some concepts/mock-ups, whatever you want to call it. My first concept is the Golden State Warriors alternate uniform. Please forgive me for the lack of knowledge of "How to do things" on this forum.
  5. Yeah I agree. The spurs should have a "San Antonio" wordmark on a grey alternate uniform. I actually made that concept a week ago, but I am new to this forum and have no clue how to do anything lol.