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  1. LogoMark

    Grizzly Concept

    yes, nice update
  2. The refined buffaslug is great!
  3. Props for a unique concept, these are great!
  4. This is just a tweak to the current Lions uniform set. Overall I like the current jerseys, but I felt like I was missing the white on the color jerseys, pants, and helmet. I was also shooting for striping consistency. The current number typeface felt a little too rounded so I made something a little more classic.
  5. The third and home are awesome, by far my favorites.
  6. The third and home are awesome, by far my favorites.
  7. Distribute/space those stars evenly at the bottom of the Patriots wordmark, these are all great!
  8. Wow, I love all of these! Especially the White Sox home and Cubs home alt
  9. I think this looks awesome! Could you mock up a Vinny Curry jersey?
  10. These are pretty sweet! I like the horns on the shoulders but on the sweaters with the colored yolks they look a little like after thoughts... maybe you could try making them bigger or bleeding them off the front edge of the yolk? I don't know, that might not work.... Great looks overall!