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  1. These are pretty sweet! I like the horns on the shoulders but on the sweaters with the colored yolks they look a little like after thoughts... maybe you could try making them bigger or bleeding them off the front edge of the yolk? I don't know, that might not work.... Great looks overall!
  2. I LOVE that Roughnecks idea! These are awesome
  3. They fooled me but I like them overall
  4. I think I might have Tampa and Seattle logos switched
  5. I think that eye secondary is cool, but it's probably too reminiscent of Carolina?
  6. These are awesome!
  7. This is pretty cool! How long did it take you to make this?
  8. This looks awesome, my only small tweak would be the eyes are a little far apart and maybe a little small, otherwise this is killer.
  9. This is an ambitious concept and I wouldn't give up on it, but I might try experimenting with other ways to combine a horse and lightening bolt. With it's current form and color scheme it's pretty difficult to read, it seems a little too alien and It kind of reminds me of the Buffaslug. It's pretty intriguing but not very appealing at the moment. I love the rest of your series, I would try reworking this one.
  10. The C is a bit generic, but it's very legible and there's good size contrast with the puck. Also the comet-puck has great motion and I think tail could translate to some pretty nice sweater striping elements.
  11. 1. Cougars 2. Stags 3. Saints 4. Pucks 5. Shamrocks 6. Knights 7. Comets 8. Kings I'm not sure how comets ended up so low on my list, these are all so good!
  12. Oooh, I want to see a full color version of that galaxy helmet!
  13. LogoMark

    Slapshot's NHL

    That New Jersey alt sweater is awesome!!