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  1. Well just think how much more intimidating they would be if they wore all black uniforms! I bet they'd be more perfect in '72. They simply didn't realize their potential because their colors and mascot scored a -8 on the Swagger Scale. It's not 1972 anymore. Here in 2014 the way a uniform looks means more to fans and athletes. It's also worth noting the Raiders--with a far more intimidating look--ended the Dolphins' winning streak and eventually appeared in and won more Super Bowls.
  2. I'd say players for the New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals have plenty of swagger and feel plenty competitive despite the lack of an agressive nickname or identity.The three most successful NHL teams? The Canadiens, the Maple Leafs, and the Red Wings. Nothing agressive or intimidating there. What about the two most successful NBA teams? The Celtics and Lakers. Again, not agressive or intimidating. I can't speak for anyone else but myself, but I never wear a cap or jersey or t-shirt to get "swagger." I do it to support the team. The swagger comes if they win. Which isn't dependent on the name. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that you're a fan of the Nashville Predators. A team whose logo is a robotic sabretooth tiger. And they're playing my favourite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs. A team whose logo and name is a maple leaf. A leaf that's most memorable when it's dying. Your super agressive team name and logo won't mean anything if my team named after patriotic foliage wins. We'll have to agree to disagree on these two points. First off, MLB is probably a bad example because there aren't a lot of intimidating looks in that sport. The only two teams that come anywhere close to intimidating would be the Pirates and the White Sox. The Cardinals have nice uniforms but if I played for the Cardinals I couldn't really say I'd feel that much more motivated if I were to put the uniform on. As for the second part, keep in mind that you don't have to buy the merchandise to support the team and that you don't have to wear the merchandise to sporting events exclusively. If none of my teams have a good look I'd still buy tickets and watch the games, but I'd buy zero merchandise. I'd just wear some other shirt in team colors to games. I also think wanting to wear team gear away from the game is also important. That's why despite me not being a fan of theirs I own a Raiders cap and a Raiders jersey. My point about getting a sense of swagger from team gear still stands. It's kind of like a suit: whenever I wear a suit I gain a bit of confidence. Wearing suits helped me feel more confident when I went on job interviews and helps me now whenever I give a presentation or have a big meeting. The same way suits made me feel at work or with something important, I want my team's gear to help me feel more aggressive and intimidating whenever I'm at the games, or maybe away from games like when I'm at the gym. Interestingly enough, you didn't quote the last paragraph. Maybe there's a reason for that. I was taught by my parents and some of my teachers that how you look and what you do will reflect upon you, so you'd better make sure the image you're projecting is the one you want to be known by. Also, being self-aware of your image could also affect your attitude and your demeanor.
  3. I think so. We get too caught up here in how a team looks in their uniforms and not enough about how the team feels while they're wearing the uniforms. An intimidating identity gives players a bit of swagger and confidence, things that can only help their performance. Plus, athletes for the most part--whether they be male or female--don't want to wear something that people would say is "nice" or "beautiful" (two words people here have used to describe good sets teams wear or good concepts in the Concepts section). Remember, most athletes are between 14-35 years old and are edgier, more aggressive and more competitive than some of us civilians,and the sports they play are also super competitive. I won't say fans also want intimidating designs, but they surely don't want to be laughed at by rival fans for their team's uniforms or name being too cute. Plus, like the athletes an intimidating team identity can give us fans a bit of swagger and confidence when we put on a team's jersey, cap or t-shirt. Just like with anything else you wear the way you look can give you a certain attitude and feeling, and exude attitudes and feelings about you. If you wear something intimidating it'll make you feel like an intimidator and have people believing you are an intimidator. If you wear something plain, you feel plain and others believe you're plain. You could also wear something nice, but I'm not sure if you want to be taken for a nice person or if you want to be in a nice state of mind when you're competing. It's all about the attitude you want to give off.
  4. Here's a question for anyone who knows: will the Redskins be changing anything about the uniforms this year? Jay Gruden is the coach now and he may want to change something about the uniforms. Most coaches the Redskins bring in change at least one aspect of the Redskins' uniforms, ranging from Lombardi and the Packer-like look, Gibbs having the team wear white jerseys at home or Shanahan bringing in the gold pants. Gruden or the organization itself may have changes in mind, but I haven't heard anything.
  5. First off, this is a legitimate question. No one is going to jail but understand while you have the right to wear whatever jersey you want, others also have the right to criticize you for the jersey you choose to wear. Here's my take: if the player made a significant impact on your team, was well-liked by fans and is currently not playing anywhere else in the league, then the jersey is cool. However, if the player is playing elsewhere or left the team on bad terms, then the jersey is lame. It's also lame if the player you're wearing didn't play well or pan out while he was on the team. In the examples listed in the OP, the Harper, Dunn, Alstott, Brooks and Sapp jerseys are all cool because those were productive and popular players for the Bucs. You couldn't have worn Dunn while he was with the Falcons or Sapp when he was with the Raiders though. Vincent Jackson is OK because he's a current member of the team, as is Doug Martin. Revis was essentially a mercenary for the Bucs, didn't fit well with the new coaching regime and is now gone, so I wouldn't wear that one. Wearing an obscure player's jersey could backfire, or at the very best garner no reaction. If people don't recognize the player you're wearing, they could assume you're wearing a customized "Your Name Here" jersey. Opinions on those vary. Either that or you're going to have to explain to everyone who comes up to you who the player is. If you want to avoid being bothered by people's questions then I'd stray away from obscure players. Also keep in mind the player might be obscure for a reason. In all, I'd just stick to current players. That's the best way to support the current team. Also, if you just wear a current player's jersey at a game you and other fans can get to the business of enjoying the game, paying attention to the action and cheering instead of having people interrupting you with complaints, compliments, questions, etc. on your jersey. Also, wear only the team's current colors to the game to show your support (if your throwback is the same color as the current unis that's OK). Away from the game, any legendary player or current player is OK to wear.
  6. Simple suggestion: make the jerseys either black or silver. The Stars' primary home uniforms are already green, so making the predominant color on this concept any color other than green would help it stand out.
  7. Good job on both of these so far. If you were trying to replace the USF helmet then I would have an issue with the gradient logo, but considering that this is an alternate the logo is OK with me. I didn't even know you could do gradients with regular MS Paint. The Iowa helmet is OK. Looking forward to seeing what else you can come up with.
  8. I believe the Cavs will change uniforms, possibly this summer. They changed immediately after LeBron left, so I wouldn't put it past them to change again before the start of next season. As to what they will change to, I also wouldn't put it past to Cavs to change everything. The Cavs have had many different logos, color schemes and jersey designs during their history. Therefore, I wouldn't be surprised to see them roll out in something we've never seen them wear before because that's just what the Cavs do. Also I don't think many Cavalier fans are sentimental for any of the team's previous looks so why not do something completely new? I wouldn't mind it if they changed from their current uniforms. They're just completely generic and look lazily designed. You can find a ton of high schools and colleges in jerseys like those and/or in those colors. The Cavs just need to put a little bit more into their uniforms.
  9. Here's my view: Texans-I'd add some trim to the numbers. Eliminate the singular star on the sleeves and pants; there's another team in the state that has the star as part of its brand. I can't really say these are a '10s look because redesigns have been all over the place this decade and really has been no one trend or defining look. Steelers-I'm not sure if those yellow jerseys can be worn on the field legally. Even so you'd put people's eyes out with that highlight yellow. I'd just switch the yellow back to the mustard-type yellow and give them white road uniforms. The rest of the uniform is OK.
  10. The Hawks are OK. I do have a suggestion though: make the road jerseys say either "Atlanta" or "Hawks". The "ATL" should be for the alternates only. If you had to pick a color scheme I'd go with the red and gold. Unlike the alternates with the blue and green set the gold alternates could be worn both on the road and at home.
  11. The Vikings set is OK, but I wouldn't be inspired by elements on the Wild's uniforms. It would come across as if you were ripping the Wild off. Seeing as how the Wild are in the same city as the Vikings it'd look very bad perception-wise. I'd just take the horn stripes from the current uniforms (without the side panels/piping) and call it a day. The alternates are not really significantly different or better than the primary homes. The differences that are there versus the primaries are all downgrades. I just don't see fans flooding the stores to buy the alternates.
  12. Here's a recommendation: use that green road alternate at home instead. Green jerseys shouldn't be restricted to the fans in an opposing city; the A's should wear the green in front of their own fans as well as the yellow. To compensate, make either a gray version of the alternate and use it on the road or make a green version of the primary roads. It's probably just my opinion but I think teams should wear their best looks at home.
  13. Not to say that I don't like these, but you've already graced the Hawks and Rockets with the red and yellow color scheme. I don't really believe we need a third team with those colors. Consider maybe replacing the yellow with orange, or maybe the red with orange. Or, you could use red, yellow and orange together. Orange would fit in well with the Heat theme/brand/name and would be a good pair with either red or yellow. It's not that the uniforms aren't good as they are, but you just need something to differentiate the Heat from the Hawks (a team in the Heat's own division no less) and the Rockets. Adding orange is just one way to do that; there are countless others. The Miami Nights set and the fauxback are good; no changes needed there.
  14. I only have a few qualms with these new uniforms. First, I would have inversed the wordmark and the number colors on the home whites so the numbers are teal. Ditto on the back. Second, I would have made teal the first road uniform. Otherwise, these are great uniforms. These are one of the top ten looks in the NBA, maybe top five. Hornet fans--the most important people in this equation--are sure to eat these up. The little things we're griping about here are relatively unimportant because they got the big things extremely right.
  15. One thought on the Hornets: make the road uniforms teal instead of purple. Otherwise it's a good set. The big numbers are a plus. For the Raptors, I agree it's very 90s looking but it's not necessarily a bad thing in this case. I'd color either the wordmark or the front numbers red on both jerseys, and have red numbers on the back of the home jersey.