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  1. Here's a recommendation: use that green road alternate at home instead. Green jerseys shouldn't be restricted to the fans in an opposing city; the A's should wear the green in front of their own fans as well as the yellow. To compensate, make either a gray version of the alternate and use it on the road or make a green version of the primary roads. It's probably just my opinion but I think teams should wear their best looks at home.
  2. Not to say that I don't like these, but you've already graced the Hawks and Rockets with the red and yellow color scheme. I don't really believe we need a third team with those colors. Consider maybe replacing the yellow with orange, or maybe the red with orange. Or, you could use red, yellow and orange together. Orange would fit in well with the Heat theme/brand/name and would be a good pair with either red or yellow. It's not that the uniforms aren't good as they are, but you just need something to differentiate the Heat from the Hawks (a team in the Heat's own division no less) and the Rockets. Adding orange is just one way to do that; there are countless others. The Miami Nights set and the fauxback are good; no changes needed there.
  3. Here's what I can come up with off the top of my head: 2009-The Saints and Penguins both won with black and gold. 2006-The Heat and Hurricanes won in red and black. To throw in a cheap one the Gators won both the basketball and football championships in blue and orange. 2005-The Spurs and White Sox both won their respective championships wearing silver and black. 2004-The Red Sox, Patriots and both UConn basketball teams all won their respective championships wearing navy and red. If you want to stretch it you could also add the Pistons and say five teams who wore red and any shade of blue won the title. 1997-Nebraska won the football national championship and the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in red and white. 1990-We had two sets here. The Reds and UNLV won wearing red and white, while the Pistons and Giants won in blue and red. 1985-The Bears and Oilers won in dark blue and orange. Here's an honorable mention: 2002-Huge stretch, but you could say five different teams won wearing red. Ohio State won the BCS, Maryland won the NCAA tournament, the Bucs won the Super Bowl, the Angels won the World Series and the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup with red being the predominant color for each. The complementary colors are all different though.
  4. Go with the second one. True, the first looks better but if your goal is to combine eras you can't leave out the fact that the Astros had/have a logo that incorporates an "H" on top of a star. With that "H" being there, you effectively combine the 2000s logo with the first/current logo. The first one is just the 2000s logo only. The Astros have had an H in their logo longer than they've not had one. I'd also recolor the logo to navy, or recolor the logo to gold and the background to navy. The logo covers the 2000s while having the H in there covers the 60s-80s and today. The only era you don't have covered is the 90s. A good way to incorporate that era is to use that era's colors, which were navy and gold at that time.
  5. If you want to combine eras I recommend the purple/red logo. Purple was one of the standout colors of their first set and red is for their current set, so it makes sense to use those two colors. I do like the teal/black logo better but it is almost the same logo the team wore on their purple hats. The teal/black logo looks better, but the purple/red logo better representation of the eras combining.
  6. That tertiary logo is neat. I've never seen it before. It was ahead of its time in a way because it looks more like something someone would design today rather than back in the 1940s. I'd go ahead and put "St. Louis" on the road uniforms. Per your link, there is evidence the team actually wore uniforms that said "St. Louis" across the front on the road, so those St. Louis alternates don't have to be restricted to just home use. There are two more things I'd add to this set. First, in the 70s and 80s the Cardinals had a powder blue set they wore on the road. I'd include that as an alternate. Second, though I personally never liked them I'd also add the bird-on-bat caps back. Like them or not they are a part of the Cardinals' history and can't be left out.
  7. I'm not a fan of the serifs in the number font for the Patriots. It looks more like a Western-style font that would fit the Cowboys or Colts better. You get pluses for adding more red to the scheme though.
  8. UCLA's script logo bothers me a bit. They choose to use title case/sentence case, i.e. having it read "Ucla" as if it's a regular word and not an acronym. UCLA should get together with the University of Pittsburgh and exchange ideas for logos. UCLA can have their logo read "UCLA" in all-capital block letters like Pitt does currently, while Pitt's logo can return to the cursive script, title case look it had two logos ago. I think such an exchange would benefit both universities.
  9. Some things to like and dislike about the new design. Overall the uniform is rather plain. Like others have said in the previous 86 pages the serif should go on both numbers instead of just one. It's hard to envision how they'll put that serif on an "8," or a 9 if the serif must always face right. More on the numbers: they just look too plain. It's just plain white on a purple jersey and plain purple on a white jersey. I'd add back the gold trim for both, but much slimmer this time. The helmet shouldn't have the horns come that close to touching in the back. A real horned helmet has its horns sticking outward and upward and the Vikings' helmet should reflect that. I do like the 3D effect they put on the horns though. Despite all of that, this is at the very least an improvement over the last set. I have absolutely no complaints about the pants or the shoulder stripes. I also like how both jerseys are a solid color in full again. They're plain, but they're not bad by any means.
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