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  1. You're right. I can see it in those pics. Idk what was going on with my eyes.
  2. Idk man this is what I was getting on the TV I was watching
  3. I'm watching the 76ers game right now and is it just me or did they take the red drop shadow off their new uniforms?
  4. i love the word mark font you choose for the Magic. Also the blue and black sublimated star on the jersey looks awesome along with that silver and white gradient.
  5. those black Cavs alternates are the stuff of dreams. wouldnt mind seeing a whole set like this
  6. not going to lie as much as i thought theyd mess it up i really like these. love the number font and not having the arm hole trim makes them look way cleaner. the only thing im not sure about is the outline inside the word mark instead of it being solid.
  7. hopefully we see that new number font appear that was on those Fanatics shirts.
  8. i actually really enjoy these new Cavs unis now that ive seen the entire reveal. Overall they look really clean and simple. the side paneling is very minimalistic but i think it works with everything going on up front. the only thing i'm not a big fan of is the beveling in the word marks. Idk why but it just seems unnecessary imo.
  9. Not going to lie I'm feeling the no collar or armhole stripping
  10. I wonder with the NBA Global Africa game happening tomorrow if we'll see any of the new uniforms worn. They've worn their individual team uniforms in the past games so I'd be surprised if they didn't this year.
  11. From what I saw all of the other teams had their normal/updated fonts and the other wolves shirts had their font from last season.
  12. Kind of interesting that when you customize the name and number on this particular Twolves shirt the number font they use is this modified block font
  13. I'm not usually a big fan of roundel word marks unless its being used in like a summer pro am or some amateur league but what you did here looks incredibly good imo.
  14. I'm all for them switching to this new number font. Also wouldn't mind if they just switched their uniforms to the red alt template. I always thought they looked really sharp. Same classic look with a modern makeover.
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