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  1. I re-submitted the Mallards design, should be coming up soon as I sent it about 2 weeks ago. The face for Lady Liberty was really a challenge having never done a female logo before. I definitely see what you're saying about adding that little bit of extra New York flair into it too. I'll for sure work something up soon, I'm just going to hold off to hear if Casey has any input when it gets posted. Thanks for the feedback! And I just saw your Embats redo get posted today. I'm really loving the new flame pompadour! Hey Matt! Cheers for the kind words, I love your designs and rendering style, so it means a lot that you like my Embats entry. Yeah females are hard work, even in the design world! Yeah good call, sometimes it's good to hear what Casey thinks before changing it up. Just a time update for ya, I think it depends if its a redo or a new design depending when it gets posted as, I have a Platypus entry that was sent in about a week or so before my Embats Redo was. Looking forward to seeing where you take the Lady Liberty entry if required.
  2. Hey Matt! First of all tough break on the Mallards thing, did you end up re-submitting it or scrap it all together?... Now onto Lady Liberty, I really dig her face, hair and the flame on the torch, hell the whole thing is pretty beautiful. But I feel it needs a little something else to make her unique, maybe instead of the torch she is holding a hot dog or another NY street food item of sorts?... Regardless, your rendering is great! I had trouble rendering a female face for an idea I was working on, so seeing this done so well gives me hope! (although I think I've moved on from that idea now) Best of luck with it! ps. as a guide I sent my 2nd design in over 2.5 weeks ago and it still hasn't been posted, so don't expect to see Lady Liberty posted anytime soon.
  3. Cheers Shumway! Yeah I think it really stands out on the navy cap too, the neon outline really makes it pop. Now just to decide on which revision I'm going to send in... "C" or "E" ...? Maybe I'll send both in and let the Clink guys decide?... @Brian in Boson - I combined the ears from "B" with the hair from "D" and I don't know if it really works, it feels a bit top heavy / too much going on now. I'll post it up soon for you to have a look.
  4. Cheers man, the fatter "C" has probably made all the others look skinny in comparisson. Haha, no love for the flaming pompadour!?... I actually like the pompadour, but the others look a bit more, uh, "monstery". Plus, I think the messy hair matches the hair on the cheeks and stuff better. The pompadour reminded me of a monster Elvis. So looks like it's down to either "C" or "E"... decisions decisions... I like them both, but never really was that keen on the ears on "C", don't know why? just one of those things where I didn't feel that I got it 100% right. That said it seems that you guys like the "wider" face look overall? Anyone else have any suggestions on how I can perfect the ears or the hair?... some examples would be a great help too.
  5. Great outline and wing tips! my only suggestions would be to simplify the highlight detail. Perhaps it could be for football? An American Football would fit nicely in it's claws.
  6. Aussie Ry

    koala logo

    Digging the outline and choice of colours on this, I'd reccomend going with some rectangular classic Koala style teeth (perhaps two tone with red on top to symbolise blood) I know that the sharp teeth are more fierce, but they're a tad skinny and I'm just not feeling them.
  7. Cheers man, the fatter "C" has probably made all the others look skinny in comparisson. Haha, no love for the flaming pompadour!?...
  8. Cheers for that dsaline97 - Oops, yeah sorry the head on "C" is supposed to be the same as the rest, must of grabbed the wrong one.
  9. Hey guys, So this is officially my first actual post on here, been lurking these boards for a while but never really had the time to contribute as much as I'd like to and post any of my concepts, so here we go! This is a little something I've been working on as a "minor league" baseball style concept. The team is called the "Embats" and is based on a mythical bat species that ignites wildfires with a flap of it's wings. I'd appreciate your critiques as well as suggestions on how I can give this little guy more of a "flaming" look, other than just the flame in his eyes. The centre image "A" is my original logo, "B" & "C" have different ears, whilst "D" & "E" have different hair. So far I'm leaning towards option "E" Looking forward to your suggestions and comments.
  10. Nice one Matt! I'm a big fan of your work and I freekin' love this little guy too! So cheerful, yet totally has that boarderline angry/drunk look, ha ha. I'm with Chris, all about that bottom right! Even though that hat and mo already say "German" those colours just throw it in your face. It's a well rendered bold design so don't be scared of using a bold outline colour, like black. Oh, it looks like the first batch of entries are up... Seems that mine was the first to be posted... that's exciting/scary all at the same time. Perhaps I might seek some C&C from you and the other guys on here at some stage. Anyway, goodluck with the Kitchener Steins! Cheers! (no pun intended)
  11. Love this concept and letterman jacket template, nice work Discrim! Any chance you have a link to the template in .ai if possible? if not a .psd will do.
  12. Hey Jay, Thanks a bunch for posting this up (especially the .ai) I really appreciate your efforts and whoever helped you out! (Gfonk04?)... Anyway I have a few concepts that I can't wait to throw on these and see how they look, I'm hoping it will bring everything I've created together at last! So look out for some MiLB inspired designs from me in the near future. Cheers, Ry
  13. Looking pretty good so far! I'd love a copy once your done
  14. So it looks like the template is now complete? Any idea when it will be available for others to use it too? I know there was someone else working on the .ai version of it, so that might be out of your control, but I'd love to throw some concepts on this bad boy!
  15. Well that's even crazier then! Do you mean Victoria as in Australia or B.C?... Either way, good on you for travelling and living in different places!