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  1. i think it looks alright. the chiefs' logo and wordmark are about as old as the stuff in the 49ers end zone.
  2. If the 49ers came out with that throwback today, they'd get lambasted for it and rightfully so. It's 2020. The Super Bowl does not need drop shadow and mismatched stripes. Everyone write "Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's good" on the chalkboard.
  3. I might be biased but the only powder blue jersey I actually like is the Royals. And they at least have the decency to pair it with white pants and a royal cap.
  4. It won't happen since the AFC is the home team, but I'd actually prefer this possible matchup.
  5. Seriously, what is going on with MLS kits being completely stripped down over the last few years? And how many white/black kits do we have now? It's like the league's aesthetic is nosediving.
  6. No thirds, recycled patterns, every team with a white or black kit... not great.
  7. If you have to share a market with the Dodgers, the last thing you should do is cede "Los Angeles" to them. You're just making yourself look smaller. "California Angels" might be ok though.
  8. Of course we like it better on the side, but that was never happening with the amount of money in this deal. Such is life.
  9. I'd rather have no neck piping than uneven piping.
  10. Their current crest is unique and fine. And if the Fire had more success with their crest, they wouldn't even think of changing it, especially to the one in the OP. That's all this is about. It's like when a person goes through a mid-life crisis and dyes their hair some terrible color. It's not really about the hair.
  11. These Adidas shirts look like COD gun camos. That's not a complement.
  12. ok nationals, you can change jerseys now.
  13. Maybe I'm too young (mid 20s), but I really don't get all of this Expos nostalgia. Sure, I'm aware of the 94 player's strike, but the move to DC has been an clear success.
  14. This Nats alternate looks fine, but I'd rather not have to see it every game. Maybe they'll change if they lose a game on the road.
  15. Maybe this is weird, but I'm actually glad the Brewers lost just so I don't have to see those eyesore uniforms. Everyone else in the playoffs this year looks good, save maybe the Rays.
  16. Am I the only one who thinks there's getting to be a bit much of primary black in MLS? I want Miami to go pink/white/pink with black trim. How many clubs around the world have that look? Palermo is pink/black.
  17. Seriously this. Let the NBA be the NBA. You're not the biggest sports league in America anymore, MLB. Deal with it. If you're a niche, embrace the niche like the NHL does, for example. But please stop constantly tossing this gimmick bull at us.
  18. The Royals are all wearing white shoes, from what I can tell. Literally no color whatsoever.
  19. So thrilled we get to see the rare Yankees-Dodgers series dressed in black and white with TV show themed cleats. This is just great.
  20. There is just no way Man United can look good with that eyesore Chevy logo.
  21. They look like Brooklyn Nets Promo Night jerseys. Like something the first 5,000 fans would get at the gate.
  22. Why don't the All-Star teams wear their All-Star uniforms during, you know, the All-Star Game?
  23. The only thing the Yankees need to do is ditch the white outline (and possibly add gray heather texture) on their road uniform. I actually prefer the road uniform to be stripped down It looks strong and dignified to me. There's no need for pinstripes in this look.
  24. I don't like the white outline on the Tigers' road jersey.
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