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  1. The Yankees and Dodgers are "boring" in the sense that their uniforms are not flashy, but they both have timeless looks. Simple is the classic aesthetic of baseball. I'd call that Cleveland uniform inoffensive, and I don't just mean in the political context.
  2. Other than it looks like a nude man is standing behind the herons, I really like the crest.
  3. I'll take brick over wall padding.
  4. Is there a more overused alternate than the White Sox black jersey? It's like they hardly wear their primaries.
  5. When I see a guitar, I always think of Nashville. And, yeah, I know the RRHOF is in Cleveland.
  6. Hard to believe that Brazil hasn't hosted since the 80s, and only twice in 70 years.
  7. I have an idea. How about white, navy, and 5 different camo alternates? Have they ever tried that look?
  8. This is my favorite France vs. Croatia matchup.
  9. Pretty hilarious that France have to wear blue shorts when multiple teams have red primaries and white secondaries, or vice versa.
  10. Best possible Final is Brazil vs Croatia. Worst is Brazil vs Sweden. All blue vs all yellow.
  11. Here is the KO round ball (including the final). IMO this should have been the main ball, with black and gold for the final.
  12. Belgium's away is so nice.
  13. OK, so this may be a really odd detail to care about, but it looks like they've gone with blue wall wrapping for the stadiums. I wish they went with red, as it seems more like the color of this World Cup. On top of that, the 2014 WC and 2017 Confed Cup also had blue. You'd think it doesn't matter, but it's basically the backdrop of every match and highlight.
  14. To me, this template looks pretty good. I like the gray heather. Something like this would be fine. Teams just have to rein in Nike's wacky streak.
  15. I have to disagree. I've grown quite tired of the raglan sleeves, especially for clubs like Inter and Barca.
  16. While I much prefer the DC monogram in a vacuum, an objection I can understand is that there are several clubs with Cs on their caps. The curly W, for its faults, is probably more distinguishable in terms of branding, as much as I hate admitting that. However I still see no reason why the Nats shouldn't switch to their script on the home uniform.
  17. SKC wore black at home yet again on Sat. I was at the game, and actually overheard a few people complaining about how often they've worn black this season. I don't totally hate the black kit, but Sporting blue is our home color. We aren't D.C. Sporting.
  18. Royals Negro League throwback.
  19. The Blue Jays cap with the white crown is one of the finest in the league. It should be their main home cap.
  20. Speaking of the Nats, DC makes such a better cap logo than the curly W. Pair it with the "Nationals" script and you have a fantastic home set.
  21. Reminds me of this infamous Getafe kit.
  22. "Est. 2010" is weird to me. Congrats on making it 8 years, I guess.
  23. "There is no way people will know it's us if our button isn't red, dammit!
  24. Agreed. No personality whatsoever. I'm not against simplicity, but why not use Sporting indigo instead of black?
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