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  1. always had it, since adidas as well. https://news.sportslogos.net/2012/09/29/brooklyn-nets-unveil-new-team-jerseys/basketball/
  2. @Conrad. Are the Nets getting an earned jersey that’s a full coogie version of the bed-stuy jerseys? Since someone said it I can’t get the picture out of my head and I kind of want it to be a reality now lol
  3. I know that. That’s why I specified. Yellow/Armarillo is not happening. Can’t be white. Maybe gray/bk dodger themed with coogie? @njdevs7 it’s basquiat. Artsy. Very Brooklyn. Very hip. A lot of people don’t get it, which is fine. That’s why it’s art.
  4. LOVE the new Nets jerseys. Saw that earned jerseys are coming back. So the Nets should have 6 jerseys including that? And are they just recolored city jerseys? should we be expecting black “bed-study” coogie jerseys?
  5. Anything is better than what the have now imo
  6. Great news!!Are they going full rebrand or just uniforms?
  7. Who knows.. I just hope the next company doesn't mess up so bad we end up missing Adidas (they'd have to be pretty damn bad)
  8. Honestly, I want to hate them but I don't. Maybe I wouldn't feel this way if it was the blue version but I think it looks good in white. Shorts get +1 for creativity, they should emplement them into the main set
  9. What ever happened to old faces new places thread? 37 players in the NBA in new places lol
  10. The Nets should make an black jersey of the alternate to complete that set. In a perfect world they wouldn't be sleeved and they would be the full time jerseys
  11. Hi - long time reader, first time poster. Haven't figured out how to put in pics yet but NJ Nets grey alternates. Liked but didn't love when they were around but as soon as they yanked them and replaced them with those god awful bright reds, I realized what we lost... And I know a lot of people here despise the Mets blacks(jerseys), but I really miss them compared to the "new York" blues that just look too cluttered for my taste. The "Mets" blacks were simple and strong imo.