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  1. They did, however, since this team directly has to do with the river itself, they went with Gatineau. As for the Draveurs, it's such a normal part of Quebecois culture that it would be like using Cowboys in the Southwestern US... Up next we finish out the project with the Granby Tigers (Les Tigres de Granby). Thanks for following along!
  2. Ice Hockey was the bomb! Up next we have the Gatineau Raftsmen (Les Draveurs de Gatineau). The logo is made up of crossed oars with hockey sticks on the end under a gothic letter G. Although in 1989, the area was known as Hull, the arena is right on the Gatineau river.
  3. Thanks! Up next are is the Rouyn-Noranda Regiment (Le Régiment de Rouyn-Noranda) and their cool look that was actually based on the stripong pattern of the Blades of the WHA.
  4. Long Beach is a great look! I've been watching this one for a while. Very nice.
  5. Up next are the Chateayguay Rivermen (Les Riverains de Châteauguay) with their unique double blue and red color scheme.
  6. Thanks guys! For the Nintendo characters I used an NES color map, so some of the colors will be delightfully off... Up next are the Sept-Iles Islanders (Les Insulaires de Sept-Îles) and their simple crimson and gold look.
  7. Not much in the way of feedback, eh? Oh well, up next are the Chicoutimi Trappers (Les Trappeurs de Chicoutimi) with their brown and orange look.
  8. Up next we have the Montreal Nationals (Les National de Montréal) with their classic look. The logo uses the fleur des lis to make a letter M.
  9. This is frustratingly good. Only feedback is that the patch at the bottom ends up looking aottle off. Other than that, amazing.
  10. I'm back with a project I've been working on since my job in Michigan has been shut down. I was looking through old things in my garage and happened upon a particular Nintendo game. Before the NHL licensed video games, the LHMQ (Quebec Major Hockey League*) owned the market on hockey games. Here's a look at part of the manual of that game where they break down each of the teams... Up first are the Alma Sparks (Les Étincelles d'Alma) named after the major hydroelectric industry in the area... *fictional
  11. Thanks, our last one is actually Baureuth... Walküre Bayreuth Location: Bayreuth Name Translation: Bayreuth Valkyries Sponsor: Stäubli For Bayreuth, my music nerd is showing. Bayreuth is famous for being the home of the composer Richard Wagner, whose most recognizable piece is ride of the Valkyries ("Kill the Rabbit"). The logo uses a strong Germanic letter with a Valkyrie wing.
  12. Not really. Just used a random name generator to make a more realistic looking product.
  13. Up next is something a little different... Legio Castra Regia Location: Regensburg Name Translation: Castra Regia Legion Sponsor: Osram For Regensburg, I decided to go with the ancient Roman name of Castra Regina which was built for the Legio III in 179 AD. They also get their team name from the Legion.
  14. Thanks! Each goalie is hand drawn. I had 8 hours on a plane recently.
  15. Next we go up to Ingolstadt for the Monster... Monster Ingolstadt Location: Ingolstadt Name Translation: Ingolstadt Monsters Sponsor: Audi For Ingolstadt, I went with a very traditional look using the colors from the city's coat of arms. The team gets their name from both the monster on the coat of arms and the fact that Ingolstadt was the setting for Frankenstein by Mary Shelly where Victor Frankenstein created his monster.
  16. Thanks! It's been a lot of fun! Up next we head a little further north and west for Augsburg: Steinmänner Augsburg Location: Augsburg Name Translation: Ausgburg Stone Men Sponsor: KUKA For Augsburg, I used the the Stony Man, a life-sized stone figure on the eastern Augsburg city wall, as the basis for the team's name. It is considered good luck to touch the statue's nose. The colors and main logo come from the city coat of arms.
  17. Thanks! Next we travel a little further north for Munich. Mönche München Location: Munich Name Translation: Munich Monks Sponsor: Siemens For Munich, I decided to use the monk from the city coat of arms as the basis for their branding.
  18. The year is 1989, and we find ourselves in Bavaria for this next small project. I've created a six team hockey league, each team with local sponsors (using the name and logo of the time) and a light home and dark road uniform. I decided not to go overboard with the sponsors, but to use team colors for them. Up first, we will take a look at Bergsteiger Garmisch: Bergsteiger Garmisch Location: Garmisch-Partenkirchen Name Translation: Garmisch Mountaineers Sponsor: BMW For Garmisch, I decided to use the Bergsteiger moniker since the area is a major ski resort in the Alps with the famous Zugspitze mountain used as a striping design. The logo comes from the coat of arms of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
  19. Up next we head out west for the Arizona Tech Coyotes whose overwhelming success in basketball lands them at #6 on our list. Arizona Institute of Technology Location: Holbrook, Arizona Type: Public University Founded: 1931 Conference: Frontier Conference Basketball National Championships: 4 1989, 2006, 2010, 2011 Basketball National Championship Runners-Up: 2 1988, 1992 Final Four Appearances: 7 1988, 1989, 1992, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2018 Dynasty Ranking: #6 Football Baseball Basketball
  20. This is certainly light years ahead of what they have. My only complaint is the difference in width between the hem and sleeve stripes, but it still looks great.
  21. Once we get through the top 10, I will be doing a special post on the conferences, so stay tuned. Up next we head to the plains where the Olathe Cardinals with their unique triple red color scheme run the show. Olathe University Location: Olathe, Kansas Type: Private University Founded: 1919 Religious Affiliation: Presbyterian Conference: Frontier Conference (Football, Baseball, Basketball), Greater American Hockey Association (Hockey) Football National Championships: 4 1972, 2004, 2009, 2015 Football National Championship Runner-Up: 2 2011, 2012 Hockey National Championships: 1 2011 Frozen Four Appearances: 2 1999, 2011 Dynasty Ranking: #5 Football Hockey Baseball Basketball
  22. Up next is the most successful private university in the NCAA Super Series, Lumen Christi. With a national championship in basketball and hockey and two in football, the Golden Knights are a premiere athletic program representing a prestigious Catholic school. Universitas Lumen Christi Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin Type: Private University Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic Founded: 1924 Conference: Mid Western Athletic Conference Football National Championships: 2 1989, 2001 Football National Championship Runner-Up: 1 2004 Hockey National Championships: 1 1998 Hockey National Championship Runners-Up: 1 1989 Frozen Four Appearances: 5 1989, 1995, 1998, 2003, 2011 Basketball National Championships: 1 2018 Basketball National Championship Runners-Up: 2 2010, 2011 Final Four Appearances: 3 2010, 2011, 2018 Dynasty Ranking: #4 Football Hockey Baseball Basketball
  23. This is an amazing take on the Flyers. I feel like it has the character of their current jerseys as well as the legion of doom era, and it gets rid of the unnecessary black name tape on the white jersey.
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