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  1. Up next we head out to the East Coast Conference. Our first school of the ECC is the Bronx University Bruins. For years, they have had a heated rivalry with the Manhattan State Titans resulting in some of the greatest college football games of all time including the 1972 National Championship semifinal where the 10-1 Bruins got revenge on the undefeated and top ranked Titans to earn a National Championship final berth. Bronx University Location: Bronx, New York Type: Private University Founded: 1890 Major Rivals: Manhattan State, Utica State National Championship Runner-Up: 1 1972
  2. To finish off the Gulf Coast Conference, we head down to Shreveport. The Shreveport Loggers have had a solid football program since the university was founded in 1938, but have never made it to the National Championship Finals losing in the semifinals a record 7 times. Their main rival is the Baton Rouge Reds, and being a Baptist school against a Catholic one, it is known as the Bayou Bible Bowl. Shreveport University Location: Shreveport, Louisiana Type: Private University Founded: 1938 Religious Affiliation: Baptist Major Rivals: Baton Rouge, Mississippi State
  3. The University of San Antonio has had a checkered history in Super Series football. In the 1970s, the University had been complicit in covering up a cheating ring involving several student athletes, had engaged in illegal recruiting, and was involved in a scheme where student athletes were being essentially paid to play. When the NCAA discovered this, they gave the program a 3-year "death penalty" in 1977. During this time, all players were given a full release allowing them to transfer. The Sentinels were unable to field a team again until 1983. University of San Antonio Location: San Antonio, Texas Type: Private University Founded: 1913 Major Rivals: Central Texas, UT-Fort Worth
  4. Up next we have the Mobile State Minotaurs. The university was founded in 1941, but has only fielded a football team since 1990. They were one of few schools to begin play in the Super Series (Division I at the time) without starting in a lower division. They have always been known as a pass heavy offense owning most of the offensive records in that category, but due to habitually mediocre defense, the Minotaurs have never made it beyond the first round of the playoffs. Mobile State University Location: Mobile, Alabama Type: Public University Founded: 1941 Major Rivals: Alabama Tech, Central Alabama
  5. I'm glad somebody picked up on that! The last of our HBCUs, the Mississippi Christian Falcons have a rich history of both success on the gridiron, and producing strong leaders in the classroom. The Falcons won 2 national championships in the 1990s before the team was suspended from play in 1997 due to issues with hazing and recruiting. They have since returned to the straight and narrow, but haven't regained that level of success. Mississippi Christian University Location: Meridian, Mississippi Type: Private University Founded: 1918 Religious Affiliation: Evangelical Protestant Major Rivals: Hialeah State, Alabama Christian National Championships: 2 1992, 1995 National Championship Runner-Up: 2 1980, 1996
  6. Up next are the Knoxville Knights. The University of Knoxville has an interesting history as it was once part of the University of Tennessee, but split in 1861 due to differences of opinion during the Civil War to become a Private University. Because of this split, Vols fans have always had a deep hatred of Knights fans referring to them as traitors. It is still a heated rivalry despite Knoxville moving up to the Super Series. University of Knoxville Location: Knoxville, Tennessee Type: Private University Founded: 1861 Major Rivals: Nashville, Tennessee
  7. That's kind of what I figured. That's how it goes in the real word. I guess UPU would be like an Alabama. Anyways, back to designs... Another HBCU, the Hialeah State Herons have worn the double-blue color scheme since their inception. In addition to the Super Series playoff, the Herons take part in an annual yearly half-game length scrimmage tournament and festival with fellow HBCUs Alabama Tech, Alabama Christian, and Mississippi Christian that features an alumni game and marching band showcase. In addition to being an HBCU, Hilaeah State has a rich history of Hispanic student-athletes as well with several stars of Cuban descent. Hialeah State University Location: Hialeah, Florida Type: Public University Founded: 1927 Major Rivals: Mississippi Christian, Miami
  8. Up next we have the Central Texas Devils. After using a knock-off of the Duke Blue Devils logo for several years, the university went through a brand refresh in the early 2000s and again in 2012 to their current look. The Devils have absolutely no white on their uniforms, instead wearing their silver uniforms on the road. Central Texas University Location: San Angelo, Texas Type: Public University Founded: 1906 Major Rivals: San Antonio, Augusta
  9. Thanks guys! I have a spreadsheet as well as a word document for each conference, and that's what I've been working with. So for those following along, here is a graphic with the national champions on it. This is artistically important because it shows the outline of the trophy... Each year beginning in 1963, a game was played for the National Championship with all the teams competing part of the FCD (Football Championship Division). In 1978, it became Division I while smaller schools made up Division I-A and Division I-AA. In 2006, it became the Football Super Series and the name has stuck.
  10. I went back and added all of the National Championship and runner-ups. I will be making a graphic for this later...
  11. That's some great feedback! Because our benevolent and omnipotent mods killed the Sports Fan Fiction forum, I can't do too much history, but all of these schools have some. 1. Good point, the "history" behind this decision is that the university was founded by African-American WWI vets (hence "Patriots") that wanted a university where young African-Americans could learn technical trades at the same or higher level than Georgia Tech for example. 2. The school used the "Mohawks" as their mascot until the early 1980s when students took a vote to change it to the Bandits. 3. That's an oversight on my part! I didn't know that was their moniker, but perhaps in this reality, they became a major university... Again, I really appreciate the feedback, and I will add a little more history with each one... Up next we have a southern Catholic school, once known as the Notre Dame of the South. The Reds have had the same basic look for the last 70 years, but changed their logo from a Native American based logo to a block letter logo in the 1990s. They had a long standing rivalry with LSU, being from the same city, but when the Super Series was created and LSU was not promoted, that rivalry cooled off a bit. It's always a high point on the schedule though each year! Baton Rouge University Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana Type: Private University Founded: 1890 Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic Major Rivals: Shreveport, LSU National Championships: 1 1965
  12. Next we head to the Gulf Coast Conference... Up first, we have an HBCU, the Alabama Tech Patriots. Alabama Institute of Technology Location: Prichard, Alabama Type: Public University Founded: 1933 Major Rivals: Mobile State, Huntsville
  13. And to finish off the Atlantic-8, we have the Staten Island Flying Dutchmen University of Staten Island Location: Staten Island, New York Type: Private University Founded: 1911 Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic Major Rivals: Brooklyn, New York State National Championships: 1 2002
  14. And with that, everything from here on out is brand new! Up next we have the Bandits of New York State. I always wanted to make raccoon logo, so this was the perfect opportunity. New York State University Location: New York, New York Type: Public University Founded: 1895 Major Rivals: Brooklyn, Staten Island National Championship Runner-Up: 1 1981
  15. And their rivals, the New Jersey State Nighthawks... New Jersey State University Location: Trenton, New Jersey Type: Public University Founded: 1897 Major Rivals: New Jersey, Philadelphia State
  16. Up next we have the University of New Jersey Mallards. They use their blue and green jerseys equally for home games. University of New Jersey Location: Clifton, New Jersey Type: Public University Founded: 1895 Major Rivals: New Jersey State, Rutgers National Championship Runner-Up: 2 2007, 2009
  17. Next we head to Maryland for the Retrievers. Players get a bone for every big play made. The Retrievers wear gold for Atlantic-8 games, saving their white and all-green uniforms for non-conference games. Maryland State University Location: Bethesda, Maryland Type: Public University Founded: 1908 Major Rivals: Baltimore State, Maryland National Championship Runner-Up: 2 1983, 2010
  18. Up next we have the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs engage in a three way rivalry with New York State and Staten Island, but are bitter rivals with Staten Island, who are also a private Catholic University. Brooklyn University Location: Brooklyn, New York Type: Private University Founded: 1901 Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic Major Rivals: Staten Island, New York State National Championships: 1 1978 National Championship Runner-Up: 3 1975, 1976, 1990
  19. Up next we head to Boston for the Shamrocks. Boston State University Location: Boston, Massachusetts Type: Public University Founded: 1895 Major Rivals: Springfield, Worcester National Championships: 1 1977 National Championship Runner-Up: 2 1992, 2006
  20. Next we will be heading to the east for the Atlantic 8, which I never finished in the first iteration. Up first are the Baltimore State Blues named after the Blue Crabs popular in the region. Baltimore State University Location: Baltimore, Maryland Type: Public University Founded: 1913 Major Rivals: Maryland State, DC Tech
  21. To finish off the Frontier Conference, we have the Wyoming State Bison who get their name from the home of the University, Buffalo, Wyoming. Wyoming State University Location: Buffalo, Wyoming Type: Public University Founded: 1921 Major Rivals: Wilford Woodruff, Wyoming
  22. Up next we have the Saints with their "Saintly" throwback alternates. In the 1950s-1970s, they wore white helmets with a gold halo. Wilford Woodruff University Location: Pocatello, Idaho Type: Private University Founded: 1944 Religious Affiliation: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Major Rivals: Wyoming State, Brigham Young National Championships: 1 2014 National Championship Runner-Up: 2 1963, 1969
  23. Here's the wild one... University of Western Texas Location: Socorro, Texas Type: Public University Founded: 1915 Major Rivals: Eastern Texas, UTEP
  24. Up next we head to Tucson for the Rockets. Hold on to your butts though, the next concept is wild... Tucson University Location: Tucson, Arizona Type: Private University Founded: 1899 Major Rivals: Phoenix State, Arizona
  25. Up next we have the Hogs of Springfield State. Springfield State University Location: Springfield, Missouri Type: Public University Founded: 1929 Major Rivals: Kansas City, Missouri
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