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  1. tv15

    Nike VS. Series

    love it,love it,love it
  2. where can he post, because whenever he goes to 'Sports Logos' or any other section, it says 'You Cannot reply'
  3. i had a friend joined the site a couple of weeks ago, he can't post or do start any topics?
  4. The Wisconsin timberrattlers have worn gold jerseys more than the milwaukee brewers
  5. It also doesn't have the zipper down the middle... I like that. But does the sweatshirt look like it also has the tire tread design on it? That's adidas for you
  6. Brewers have been wearing navy a lot in the last two weeks(yet they can't wear their gold jerseys more often) Brewers wearing gold Spanish jersey on Saturday against the dodgers
  7. Back in 2008, I was in attendance for the famous 0-16 game at lambeau field Section:115 Row:26 Seat:6
  8. tv15

    New CFCA Logos

    Their previous logo
  9. That has to be one of the most beautiful jerseys I have ever seen. Maybe I'll find one on Ebay or something.I've been looking weekly for years. Good luck!If I accomplish my whale this weekend, I'll sell ya my cheap Alomar replica! FWIW, here's THE REST of the uniform. Sweet! How much would you want for the Alomar jersey? And I guess a better question would be, what size is it? WHALE ACCOMPLISHED!!!how much?
  10. Central Florida Christian Academy just unveiled new logos
  11. They have the new logo on the shorts for this year
  12. I wished they used orange or blue instead of that green on the backstop
  13. I miss the previous Toronto blue jays logos
  14. Great job,I also miss the sonics