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  1. where can he post, because whenever he goes to 'Sports Logos' or any other section, it says 'You Cannot reply'
  2. i had a friend joined the site a couple of weeks ago, he can't post or do start any topics?
  3. That has to be one of the most beautiful jerseys I have ever seen. Maybe I'll find one on Ebay or something.I've been looking weekly for years. Good luck!If I accomplish my whale this weekend, I'll sell ya my cheap Alomar replica! FWIW, here's THE REST of the uniform. Sweet! How much would you want for the Alomar jersey? And I guess a better question would be, what size is it? WHALE ACCOMPLISHED!!!how much?
  4. I miss the previous Toronto blue jays logos
  5. Could you fix the second z in buzz city
  6. Not unpopular with me, the NFL needs a team that uses light blue.Titans, lions, panthers, dolphins, and chargers all use light blue, you can add the jaguars to the list too if you wantDolphins and jaguars both use teal
  7. The first soccer game played at miller park ended in a 1-1 tie yesterday
  8. Could a light blue,black color scheme work for the royals (to try to distance them from the dodgers)
  9. I would reverse the colors back in the court other than that it's perfect
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