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  1. That logo is a great fusion of the NASL and current logo. Very nicely done! I love how outside the box your work is.
  2. Good start! The colours work, although they are rather close to Seattle. I'd encourage you to explore other color schemes, like the ones from the city's flag. However, I really feel like the Clydesdales are getting lost on the side. They are magnificent creatures. What I'd like to suggest is to maybe turn this logo into a coat of arms, much like in English football and have the horses beside the crest on each side and have one hoof on the crest to protect it.
  3. Great project, amazing work! So happy that you gave women's soccer a shot.
  4. Why not go all out on Austin and call the team Vampires FC?
  5. I like the colours already. As Brian said, the D is kind of hard to make out for what it is. Mile High Athletic sounds like a great name, but we could make it Denver Athletic so that we can still incorporate the D in some way. Honestly, I think a lot of us agree to sticking with the Red Stars name. x3 For the Orlando Pride, the fountain is quite prominent on the city flag, so you could stick with it, or pay homage to the original OCSC crest and have three lionnesses on it. San Antonio.... Sting? I remembered the Scorpions before the NASL disbanded, which is a shame... I really liked their logo and such. Mayhaps pay homage to that?
  6. The choice in font is better, but I feel like the extra blossoms in the bottom banner are unnecessary. Same with the "DC" at the top. In this case, less is more.
  7. Words cannot describe how I feel about this design. It's just so....
  8. For Washington, Spirit seems quite... vague. Since DC likes the bird motive so much, why not with the state bird of DC? Washington Thrush FC? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wood_thrush Chicago Red Stars is alright with me. I really can't think of another name. San Antonio Zorras has a nice ring to it, but wasn't it previously mentioned that there was a team called the Athenians? Maybe we can explore with that. Since the New England Curse already exists, I think NM needs something better. But I think Denver would be a better fit for women's soccer. A rivalry with Utah would be sweet to see. How about the Colorado Vixens? Foxes are clever and cunning by nature, regardless of sex. @Brian in Boston Keep in mind that the logo and such are still just a concept. I get where you come from in terms of what the symbolism would mean to many, but I personally love that we're pushing the boundaries a little and explore with regional history and some creativity.
  9. Love what you did with LA and Sacramento. The only thing I'm not feeling with the Waves logo are the colours. Maybe instead of that dark teal, go back to the navy blue you had earlier?
  10. Nice to see this still up and running. Would you be interested in making a Valour FC banner? Far left: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/content/dam/travel/rights-exempt/Travel-2016/canada/50-places/winnipeg-skyline-canada.jpg Second from left: https://s3.amazonaws.com/cpl-network/app/uploads/cpl/2019/10/05212353/2019October5_DIL_6379-730x479.jpg Center: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/9c/Valour_FC_logo.png Second from right: https://s3.amazonaws.com/cpl-network/app/uploads/cpl/2019/05/11191942/2019-05-11T202310Z_1_MTZSPDEF5BCWMKH5CC_RTRFIPP_4_CPL-1024x684.jpg Right: https://s3.amazonaws.com/cpl-network/app/uploads/winnipeg/2018/05/30144342/Winnipeg_soccer-pitch-730x487.jpg Where we come from... we are for valour. Thank you!
  11. I LOVE the Royals one! The Queen Bees! Also really like what you did with the Thorns one. The circular vine shape makes the logo stand out a lot better and drives home the team name. It's an excellent upgrade! The Trailblazers one looks awesome, too! I am curious as to what the logo would've looked like with MNUFC colours, but this pallet works really well! An amazing batch of logos!
  12. See below. To be fair, your name suggestions are alright. I do like the "Kicks" and "Kickers" for a team name. However, I'm not on board with the "show girls" theme. It's just too obvious for a place like Vegas and outdated for a women's sports team.
  13. Good start. The colours and the font I can get behind. But you're right, Cadillac would not hesitate to strike it down. Maybe we can give it more of a hot rod/rockabilly theme?
  14. Really like what you did there! The colours work together and I think the elements you used compliment each other well.. Great job! That's even better. Now the crest matches the name even more.
  15. Nice job! I like the upgrade on the Reign crest. Not entirely sure if the Courage logo feels like an upgrade, but I do like how you made the lioness/cougar (??) look more ferocious and the use of negative space is also pretty clever. As for names for more clubs, here are my suggestions: San Diego Waves (Nod to the Navy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WAVES , and to the city being on the coast.) New Mexico Wanderers (I always really liked that name. I may have also seen a logo you made for that team name? I can't remember) Sin City FC San Antonio Pioneers FC Tinseltown And yes, Boston makes perfect sense for another team. Maybe revive the Breakers?
  16. How about Milwaukee, San Diego, Phoenix, and St. Louis?
  17. Good start! The shape of the crest is good, but I feel that the contents on the logo don't feel like a soccer club badge as a collective. I had an idea that I just came up with: I'd put the trailblazer at the forefront, with trees in the back, and have her look up to the sky towards the north star, as if she's using the stars to navigate her way through the wilderness.
  18. I'm gonna have to say that the actual crest still looks better, but your version isn't bad either. Though you can definitely improve on the home kit by removing the golden stripe in the middle altogether and then make the left sleeve on the black side blue. That way, it has a little more balance of the colours and you don't need to have the back name and numbers in a black box.
  19. Two stunning logos right there. The Launceston one is especially great with such a unique combination of colours. Also, in terms of the 3 remaining clubs, my votes are for Wellington Phoenix and Christchurch for sure. Maybe Echuca or Bendigo?
  20. I hope this gets resumed soon. Your work is as always incredible, mcrosby.
  21. Really like your idea for Brisbane Rovers, and awesome job on the Victory rebrand. I'm not a fan of the Central Coast rebrand though. I think you should have kept the wave motive in some capacity.
  22. The only real complaint I have about this is that you should give the Captain C on the home jersey a black outline, and make the C on the away jersey match the numbers in colour. Other than that, I really like it.
  23. Sorry about the wait! Here's the final team in the series: Regal FC out of Regina, Saskatchewan! The royal insignia on the crest is based on the ones the royal family uses, most notably Queen Elizabeth II, as seen here: https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-elizabeth-ii-regina-er-royal-insignia-on-the-gates-of-the-tower-of-48166486.html. As Regina is named the "Queen City", it felt appropriate to tie in the colours of the province with a royal theme. Gold at home, Green on the road. Pretty straight forward.
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