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  1. I have some images for your 1996-1999 playoff logos, im trying to find the back bumpers for the 1997 playoffs the players wore with the Playoffs logo on them

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    2. TonyPaulis


      Ok, I posted everything you need basically , really the only thing that would need creating is the Wild Card weekend Logo, the Playoffs logo with the super bowl trophy and the playoffs logo with just the nfl logo and the destination san diego .


      I also found an Official 1996 Media Post season guide with the logos thus proving their all official


      If not is their anybody else you may know on the board with amazing expertise who would be interesting in doing this ?


      I have the Riddell logo and the 12 teams logos handled for the back bumper which I finally found


      Also for your gridiron database, is it possible to start a Back Bumpers page , to post the rear bumpers on their.


      Kind of shocked on the uniforms area the back bumpers on the helmets aren't listed along with the images of the uniforms, at least the Team name ones.


      I also have some decals images for deceased players and honored players and stuff but don't know where to post those







    3. pitt6pack


      Have you tried posting in the Requests section of the boards? I've gotten good help from there before.


      As far as the GUD goes, I don't make the decisions on what gets displayed on the uniform images, just the fields. I can say though, that adding back bumpers to helmets would actually be quite an undertaking, and would require editing every single uniforms image, which at this point is probably infeasible, given all the other work that is being done on the website.

    4. TonyPaulis


      requests section I will try to find it


      those bumpers for the 1997 playoffs were a 1 off thing by the league and Riddell


      they also put the super bowl logo on the back bumpers for super bowl xxxii



  2. @Bwetsel he's alive OMG he's alive

  3. @Lions When Tate was down their was 11 seconds left on the clock..look at replay..11-10= 1 second left

  4. @KimLeeCAE You in charge of the Vikings fan club ? Are you guys looking afor a possible permanent home for Vikings games this season ?

  5. @jamesbhawkins ohio state had 1 percent in the final round..lmao

  6. @ESPNFC #espnnow Yo cannot give any updates for the Cagliari / Palermo match, come on now

  7. @Graham_Couch @LSJNews @joerexrode @LSJGreenWhite @LSJDanK @chrissolari please keep him, I like him as their head coach.

  8. @NDSUmbb #espnnow

  9. RT @CoachJim4UM: Suggestion to my Rocky Top colleague, rather than lunch in Florida you might spend your time and focus attending to your p…

  10. @plaxicoburress @MSU_Football Taking shots again I see, I hope the safety is on this time, wouldn't want you to shoot yourself yet again.

  11. @AdonisSuperman @Ferrari You got a new car, but not a heart to fight Kovalev ! Stop fighting bums and man up, chicken !

  12. @nickbaumgardner we all know its gonna be 9th. MSU has theirs on a different day so does western and OSU is not on the 9th either.

  13. @PsuLionInsider @SamWebb77

  14. @ChadKnodl @PantherU Would you put your $ behind something the AD doesn't fully support ? Just saying !

  15. pathetic, the cardinalds offense didn't do jack tday