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  1. Agreed. Even as a Pitt fan, I used to like the WVU looks. I can not stand the black anywhere on thier uniforms. I would love the set they have now if no shoulder caps on any the uniforms and just use Blue Gold and white.
  2. This is what we get to remeber Hans? Everything goes to crap ever since Bombay retired and Banks was traded.
  3. I sort of like the shade of grey being used for the pants, would like the set better if they used it as a outline on the numbers and text and maybe tried to have a matte grey helmet to match
  4. Believe me I was all in for then changes this year, all recruiting pics etc. Are in the royal and yellow. It's just matter of timing. This would be year 3 for the new design by Nike and I can't recall Pitt ever changing uniforms in less time than that.
  5. Don't ask me it's just what I see them doing. They probably want universal colors for all programs. The two biggest being football and basketball. Heinz is a simple change of the sidewalls. The basketball court would still have the navy and gold if uniform changes this year. They are turning the court around completely and laying a new floor so the tv cameras will face the student section instead of the team benches. So I figure the blue and yellow will be the color of the logo on the court once it's redone therefore connecting all major athletics to th. Royal and yellow.
  6. Look for it next year, after this basketball season they are redoing the court at the Peterson event center. I can almost gaurnteed you they are waiting to put the new court in to make the final announcement. The Will then use the throwback colors. They already started using the lighter blue and yellow on the side walls of Heinz Field last year. The change will be coming.
  7. The Iowa State collar on the white uniforms is absolutely gorgeous. I don't mind the black collar on the red uniform but maybe use the same concept as the white and use a yellow collar with a black collar outline, or even yellow as an outline. But that double color collar on the road uni is one my absolute favorite collar types
  8. as I just learned as well Steelers actually gave Iowa permission back in the day to look like them, I forget the article I read but an Iowa coach in the 70s I believe asked permission before making the look of Iowa as we know it today. So for me I don't call it a rip off look when they did the right thing asking permission and was granted it.
  9. I come here because I love football jerseys and arguments ? it's my sanctuary.
  10. Rumors on the Pitt boards is retro colors will become full time in spring but the yellow they been wearing may become darker like the mustard color and a tad darker shade of blue, but as of now this is talk, find out in a few months I suppose. I expected the change at some point.
  11. I admit I miss the dazzle pants. Esp teams that use gold as a primary color. Loved watching night games and just seeing the sparkle in the pants.
  12. I don't get this. You have gold decals and gold on your uniform. But don't use the gold logos. You have away uniforms that have no gold on them at all and if you place these helmets with the away uniforms would look so much better but yet they keep the misplaced gold on the blue helmets when wearing the white set. MOD EDIT
  13. Pitt wearing the away throwbacks again VT this week
  14. Can Oregon get thier own thread I don't get the need for 282737298272 posts about Oregon's uniforms... Oregon having new unis every game is like old news and many stopped caring back in 1969.
  15. Indeed this will be the primary uniforms in no more than 2 years. There is too much interest not to be. I told my family not to buy me a single Pitt anything this year as I called for a color change coming and don't want to have to redo the wardrobe again.
  16. Pitt wearing away throwbacks against psu
  17. Also not sure if was mentioned you get them jerseys off alliexpress china stores... they even have or had a white version as well
  18. Didn't they move back to West Philadelphia where he was born and raised?
  19. I have a old pair of them grey, kmart sweatpants in a tot somewhere, anyone good at sewing and can whip me up a Oregon jersey from this past weekend?
  20. They are using the Dorsett years. They did not have the stripes then, just the numbers on the sleeves, But are using the colors from the Curtis Martin years put them together and what do you got? Bippity Boppity........
  21. There has been a lot a lot a lot for the Script and old colors. As soon as Pitt used the Script 2 years ago against GT thats all fans pushed for. We got the Script but the colors. Im still young and dont remember much of the Royal and Yellow, i grew up with vegas gold and Navy, but I will say from being a season ticket holder and going to a bunch of the events, even at the uniform showing for the regular set, all the people where asking and talking about was these throwbacks. This will start a fan uproar to have these full time.
  22. Or we can just all agree, the color of the jersey is orange and take it as is. plain simple. no science behind it. Its just an orange jersey. Just like the jerseys before them.
  23. I know your a WVU fan lol and I as a Pitt fan must say I do like the WVU set myself. People say the numbers are wacky for both teams. But they are unique to that team.