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  1. Number for pitt are based of the cathedral of learning
  2. Alabama also wins Championships and lose perhaps 2 games a year total. They don't need fancy things to get recruits. But for smaller schools who they know they aren't going for national championships. Kids know the program may lose every game. If they commit there needs to be something fancy and crazy to try and get there attention from an equal type school to land a recruit and that's where the uniforms and all the free stuff comes in. Which other than a select few big schools. Most the crazy stuff come from the smaller schools who need something extra to catch an eye of a recruit.
  3. Some schools don't have the funds or the strings to pull to get high end designs. You can say it's all been done before this and that, but then they go and do a plain simple design and you all complain they copied a top tier team like the new Louisiana unis. But yet they do something unique you complain as well. There is only so much you can do to a football uniform with so many color pallets. That's why we have logos. To different. some complain of teams using the eagle wings on jerseys as a Oregon rip off. But if the schools mascot is an eagle or a hawk...why not. What you want a beak? A tailfeather? If a uniform looks good, it looks good FOR THAT SCHOOL. if Wisconsin and Nebraska want to look alike..so be it. It's the look they like. It's a traditional football look. Back in the day everyone looked alike and didn't hear much complaining.
  4. This is true, not sure about the arm bands. But a recruit coming in seeing a bunch of options of gear is huge. I remember when I went to college and even though a small school my first day going to the locker room they had different stuff lined up and I thought this is all free for me, and looks awesome. Esp having multiple shoes, kids love shoes and style these days. Even grown men love style, I played Semi pro recently and some men in mid 30's playing are always before and after practice on phones buying up new cleats and gloves and accessories to look good on the field. So this is a huge recruiting point like it or not. Can poke all the fun you want about it. But the throw on a helmet and pads days of football are gone. You want to go out on that filed looking "beast" and "fresh" these college teams know what they are doing.
  5. Agreed, and nice term for it. A few teams can pull it off. I may be biased as a Pitt fan but Pitts most recent had that, but they the logo was still a small wordmark logo and they placed it in a small oval patch right at the V of the neck line with conference to one side and Nike on the other but it was nicely placed. And Agree with the names. I just look at Oklahoma , Texas and its nice to look at on such a plain Jersey. The Ray Rice era Rutgers Jerseys I would take any day. But I did enjoy the concept of the battle helmets for the Knights last set, it was unique, I feel a few tweeks to uniform such as white numbers and fix the red coloring along with add the red helmet with some battle scars and would have been great branding.
  6. I actually enjoy the "chest wordmarks" for most teams. Not sure why. Im not much of a fan of the 3 logos in a row type deal when the logo is as small spaced as the "r" is. But then again, I enjoyed them Old Dino Cat Pitt uniforms with Pittsburgh stretched across the uniforms as well
  7. Pitt leaked of Throw back Uni with the New Away showing on the right
  8. Now I like this idea, Think it would pop better on a matte maroon helmet with just a regular decal but still nice
  9. Ahhh beat me to it! Must say I will be attending this event for sure
  10. The top paw is part of the undershirt not the jersey itself, there is only one paw print on the v of the collar.
  11. Obviously there is a wrinkle in the jersey on the shoulder, so no the paw print isn't cut off it just in the fold. ?!?!?
  12. I enjoyed when Wyoming used gold and brown rather than the yellow, even though may look like Western Michigan, Brown and gold comes off as just that "western" fits the Cowboy persona as dreary plain colors. I've never seen a Cowboy wear bright yellow, except for Woody in Toy Story.
  13. Pitt will have all new Unis this year not just for football but for all sports. Per reports last year, they will have 3 helmets Gold/Blue/White , same goes for jerseys and pants combos. And I guess there will be a 4th set of unis as a throwback as well.
  14. Florida Atlantic looks nice in all red and chrome. I enjoy the outline of Florida logo with word Atlantic in it. Florida Atlantic looks nice in all red and chrome. I enjoy the outline of Florida logo with word Atlantic in it.
  15. does it look like this? its if a player is wearing a retired number, or a legends number. atleat i think it is Exactly correct, just as Gallon wears 21 he has a Desmond Howard patch on his. I read an article that players got to choose a player to represent and thats why you have the odd QB number and so on with the huge patches. I think it was supposed to be for one game then the players decided to keep going with it.
  16. I agree. It would have looked somewhat better if they had worn their black jerseys. Or if they could match the gold on the helmet with the jersey color.I see a lot of people always complaining about shades and matching. You people do understand that Uniforms are Fabric and Helmets are not. The light weight fabrics used today for uniforms are hard to match due to the colors being bland. If they used the Dazzle Twill as before they could give the uni's or stripes a shine to it but Dazzle Twill does not stretch as the current fabrics, so Shades esp gold are always going to be different then a helmet surface since helmets are a reflective surface and jersey fabrics are not.
  17. These Adidas no belt pants remind me of the days I used to go out throw on a jersey a pair of sweatpants and roll them up to the knees as my football pants and tackle myself. Maybe that's what WMU should do. NIU uni's I do like tonight but prefer their names on back instead.