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  1. I've got a couple requests, if that's alright Carolina Panthers: "Keep Pounding" Charlotte Hornets (Just the primary logo would be great): "Nest of Rebellion" and NC State: "Go Pack" I don't know about the fonts; I know the Panthers and Hornets have custom ones. Thanks a lot! I think these are great
  2. Aw, yeah; can you hook me up with a (regrettably sparse) Carolina Panthers? Are you also planning on doing college teams; if so, could I see a NC State basketball one?
  3. Oh my lord, can someone get the Buccaneers on the phone please? And that Panthers set is the kind of stuff I see in my dreams.
  4. I love that you used the Appalachians here; I've always liked using them as a symbol for Charlotte, being something of the "gateway to Appalachia". Also, I feel like there is a subtle connection to the Panthers, with the "Blue" Ridge Mountains and all.
  5. When you get around to doing the Hornets (and believe me, I'm looking forward to it), an obvious one would be a shot of the skyline with the Duke and/or BofA tower. But for a not-so-obvious idea, a shot of the equestrian statue of James Jack, the captain who delivered the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence to Pennsylvania, would be really cool; it'd tie in to the whole Revolutionary/Hornet's Nest vibe.
  6. I'm sticking with Major North American sport cities with the exception to my home town, Toronto. We're missing a much needed NFL team. Does Charlotte, NC count as a major North American sports city?
  7. These are top notch. Maybe we get to see some "Champions" graphics when it's all said and done?
  8. Can we see the Bitcoin Bowl with NC State and UCF? I don't have a preference for State's helmet color; either red or white would be awesome. I love seeing these every year!
  9. Color schemes like this are underrated in baseball, I think. The White Sox are the only ones who do anything close. But... why the Sharks? Landlocked Indianapolis doesn't exactly scream "ocean predator" to me. By the way, I really dig that "Jaws" logo; I think that needs to be shown off.
  10. Are you going to be doing these for all the Big Four leagues? Because these are amazing.
  11. Man, that presentation is spectacular; really looking forward to following this one. Also I love the idea of Birmingham and Las Vegas in the NFL.
  12. Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets would be awesome.
  13. I'd hate to make you feel overloaded, but can you take a look at Scotland High School in Laurinburg, NC? I didn't go there, but their mascot is the Fighting Scots and the logo is far too uninspired for such a cool name. The colors are red and blue, I believe.