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  1. @OldTakesExposed https://t.co/ngWc6iBF1S

  2. @dan_bcfc What a :censored: https://t.co/qxNHAFsxWP

  3. @TheCBJArtillery I’m not wearing any

  4. @barstoolsports @blucigs @BarstoolRundown This happened in my hometown ?

  5. When every YouTube ad I see is for PUBG Mobile https://t.co/ltHkNEBoJx

  6. RT @CrewSCshop: ? + ⚽️ combine to create a #CrewSC Shop exclusive collection! #StadiumExclusive #StPatsFashion Feeling lucky? RT thru Wedn…

  7. RT @loafcoat: https://t.co/0wbzYWXEIe

  8. I’m over here on facebook turning of notifications to posts like “yep I’m OVER THAT THREAD”

  9. RT @shoe0nhead: @YouTube roses are red violets are blue monetize game channels monetize makeup channels monetize animators monetize self he…

  10. Everyone started a new diet for 2018 so I started one called “get the stomach flu and puke everything up until you lose 20 pounds” diet

  11. RT @devtesla: I'm glad the corporations that are eating the earth will at least properly gender our corpses https://t.co/sZROB9IssF

  12. @TheCBJArtillery If it makes you feel any better the Jackets will have a postseason ??‍♂️

  13. @FeezAndCrackers @barstoolsports And yet you’re still here ?

  14. @american_jonny @citlalyisnthere @nwarikoo GOT EEM

  15. @Userpickss @Babymagik32 :censored: the Saints they beat us in the Super Bowl