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  1. RT @barstoolsports: Imagine being so rich the ice cream machine worked for you at McDonalds https://t.co/9Qtil3yHcF

  2. RT @TroydanGaming: LMFAO the balls this man has to even attempt to pull this off.. https://t.co/eLHPhhs513

  3. @Spotify why do I pay for premium when :censored: never loads

  4. @THEmrMATTERS https://t.co/UejPsnGCqs

  5. I’m going to see how many beers I can drink tonight. Bring on the monster hangover.

  6. @quakersteak >>> @BWWings

  7. RT @tigersgoroooar: gonorrhea would’ve been a good name for a diarrhea medicine.

  8. @TroydanGaming https://t.co/noB4PHGFxR

  9. @tomscott one million! https://t.co/vM39b0LlGN

  10. RT @chwisg: @MistaBuster @richardfrias @Dodgers I will never forgive Darvish for the :censored: he did tonight.

  11. It’s Halloween! The time of year I pop Dark Souls in an wreck some skeletons.

  12. @DodgersNation I’d say leave Hill in longer, but if someone went yard on him a few times they’d be mad because Roberts left him in too long.

  13. What the :censored: are the NASCAR rules anymore

  14. @ConservativeLA It’s amazing you can hear what ESPN is saying with the Yankee’s dick in their mouth.

  15. @TheCBJArtillery Just like a woman bringing up the past

  16. RT @Dodgers: RECAP: #Dodgers sweep D-backs with 3-1 victory and advance to NLCS. #ThisTeam ?: https://t.co/fpEjogkJwq https://t.co/7HCbuxT…

  17. RT @27MilanLucic: Ice guardians released tomorrow on Netflix in 75 different countries and 15 different languages. Great hockey documentary…

  18. @NotThrashers @GoldenKnights @CanadiensMTL I miss the Thrashers https://t.co/GhTnzFznie

  19. RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: It's on an island on both the ocean & intercostal and in a mandatory evacuation zone... probably not the best idea, but…

  20. @timheidecker I already work in a steel mill lmao

  21. @FunhausTeam who composes the music for the videos? Like demo disc intro or the action replay used in the latest video, nice trick, etc.

  22. @JHarden13 you got caught reaching. Shut up and quit whining.

  23. RT @sportslogosnet: Follow us and RT this for a chance to win 1 of 3 #NHL Standings Board prize packs from @CSEGames Contest ends Apr 3 h…