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  1. Wokano with @saralove65, my dad, and his coworkers #yum

  2. Gas is $2.97. What year is this? Did I inadvertently travel back on time?

  3. Well i have to stay off social networks and everything internet related for tbe next couple weeks

  4. My phone needs more obnoxious alarm tones. This smooth melody stuff isn't going to wake me up

  5. Yesterday, tumblr was offline for awhile. Ahh, hipster tears.

  6. S/O to my fellow logistics members @WhatsAPassword @cplemens10 @Kaylees_man12 let's do this.

  7. Talk about how God has a plan for you and then upload pictures of yourself underage drinking #Hypocrite

  8. Daron Malakian System of a Down guitarist in an interview he states he is a huge hockey fan
  9. well well well, someone's past is catching up with them. http://t.co/5BEo6CL1

  10. This weekend in general isn't a good weekend for me to stay over at work

  11. Shoutout to @awick0789 for rocking short shorts at El Campestre. She's all like ":censored: you winter I wear what I want." #:censored:TheCold

  12. Popular_Sheep


    Okay, this is my first post to this website, but I do love this website, it is amazing. Ever since I was a kid, I had a fantasy basketball team called the Columbus Wings from Columbus Ohio. if anyone is good with making logos/jerseys/etc., would you want to give making one a shot? no color preferences, other than I've always imagined it being a Blue/Gray/White combo. thanks!
  13. "@ultimateguitar: Rage Against The Machine Never To Perform Again http://t.co/YZs7U886" different story from them every day