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  1. While I'm not too skilled with digital art (I've hand drawn some fictional sports logos and uniforms of my own, but haven't posted them here as I don't think they are refined enough for community standards), I can still give you some input on the teams' looks: Boston: Aside from the name change, this team's new look is a definite upgrade! The blue outline on the logo also makes it pop out more as well. Providence: This is a unique look, as I've never seen blue and brown together before, yet you pretty much worked it to perfection! I imagine it may be hard to identify players without numbers on the uniforms, but then again, as you said, the team can't afford them. The logo is also fairly simple yet effective and appropriate for the time period. I can't wait to see what this league brings, and while you apparently new at art as you have said, I do see potential from what you have posted so far. Keep up the good work!
  2. I am pleased with what you have so far! I guess I'll root for the Knights for now, simply because I never expected orange and brown for a New York team. I can't wait for the rest of the teams, especially the Owls!
  3. Not often do I see college concepts, but this is actually quite intriguing! Combined with how much I am a fan of the AFA and PHL (Assuming this conference will be run similarly to those two concept leagues), I am excited for what you will come up with!
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