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  1. I'd say the logo is definitely a welcome update, you kept the simplicity from the original intact and it looks great. The helmet is phenomenal too but I kinda get a vikings vibe from the horn (maybe its just me who sees this connection, but just some food for thought I guess).
  2. Interesting name and logo for this one. Cool concept. My only concern is that sharp point under the word mark (between the "l" and "s", but below) doesn't seem like it should be there.
  3. Love this sweater ever since I discovered it looking through a historical hockey book as a kid. NHL needs more retro.
  4. I really wish it was more evenly spread out amongst the 3 countries but can't really complain. Huge step for soccer in North America, particularly Canada and USA.
  5. The Carlsbad colour scheme is super refreshing, love it. Good work on all of this!
  6. Yea the crest looks awesome, not really set on the type in the logo but the emblem in the middle is nice! Looking forward to the rest!
  7. In my opinion, these 2 teams look way too similar, when there should be a huge contrast or difference between them. I'd use more of the red and white for the Rangers and use more of the orange for the Islanders. Nice concepts in general though!
  8. Pretty interesting jerseys, but the gold on the wolf logo feels out of place now without gold on the jersey.
  9. Looks so sharp and clean on a black background...especially with the rep tips, good stuff!
  10. The industry standard would be the Adobe Creative Suite programs. In this case, for logos, Adobe Illustrator.
  11. Definitely any vector based program, ideally Adobe Illustrator (there are others). But even messing around with Photoshop or GIMP or something is a start.
  12. Damn that rangers set looks hot. I like the ambition with the Bruins too! Good stuff.
  13. Interesting name for Commonwealth United, classy look tool. I'd maybe space out the type more in the roundel so it doesn't look empty on the sides though. Keep it up!
  14. The roundel Tampa logo is sweet, and so is that lightning bolt on the pants. The anaheim set is great too!