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  1. What i want to see the helmet look like (Made by GotPixels):
  2. I knew that would look good! Thanks GotPixels!
  3. yeah. i loved those, would work great as a sublimated thing.
  4. seems fishy. but if CRich has lasted this long without being a bother, why should he be banned? I know i'm new here but I agree with this statement.
  5. Hey GotPixels, can you do my request next? Like i said before Black helmet with teal facemask.
  6. Black Matte with teal facemask please
  7. Baskin Robins. The new look has bothered me forever.
  8. I dig! It's been so long since a Leafs goaltender has had a simple, well designed goalie mask that reflected the team's name and identity. We have to go all the way back to Peter bloody Ing. In this day of airbrushed masks with detail so small you can't tell what is when they show close up shots, Scrivens' mask is a breath of fresh air. It's the kind of mask I would wear if I was an NHL goalie. I love Scriv's mask. I wish I had a mask like that. Holzer got his first goal last night too. It was a beaut!
  9. I liked that jersey too, but I wish it had some gold on it. That's what was missing from this set.
  10. PatsFan12

    koala logo

    That's what I was thinking too. The mouth needs some work, lance. Other tan that, you may have something here. I like the nickname (DropBears) and I'm hoping you do a full bodied version too.
  11. Now that's so close to perfection, except, i'd still like to see a blue bolts alt based off the ones one they wore in 98-99.
  12. Looks like the Nashville Predators had a baby with the Jaguar. I like it, but it definitely needs to be turned down a notch before placing it on the helmets.
  13. Keeps on saying I'm timed out, which sucks because i have to go out soon.
  14. That's great news. I don't mind the Suns going primarily orange and black, but they've at least got to keep purple around in some capacity. No one else in the pros (and, including top-level colleges, no one save Clemson) use orange and purple in the same color scheme. Here's to me hoping the new colour is another orange, to fully endorse the 90's look with a few tweaks. That's what I meant - two shades of Orange, along with Dark Purple and Black (Dark Yellow, and two shades of Gray are also in there). YES! Thanks CWerx.