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  1. Wish I had seen your post earlier as I'm thinking this is a free preview of the Willow net and it's going to end soon. NBCSN aired the Big Bash League the last 2 seasons but didn't this last year which was a let down as it plays for a couple of months during winter season which is perfect for the baseball fan looking for something other than football, football, football and some hockey. It's kind of sad how separated we are from different world sports here in America. Baseball and hockey are still the tops in my book but I got to give it to T20 cricket for its excitement and rugby union (Premiership is on NBSCN) and League (NRL, still only online for us xfinity cable suckers) for its non stop action which makes American football unwatchable to me anymore due to the constant stop and go action on top of the endless commercial bombardment. Anyways, liking this thread and long live the sporting life.
  2. Seahawks, King Dome imploded and Century-Qwest-Seahawk Stadium built in its place.
  3. Cruz is already one foot out the door, no way they resign him. Cano is staying though. With that contract he is untouchable. Call me crazy but I like Dipoto, he has a plan to be competitive in a couple years by building a real team and not the mirage we had last year.
  4. Paxton is made of glass, I like the move. Let the Yankees worry about him tweaking this and that. Straining that and this. The guy is good but can never count on him playing an entire season.
  5. Totems!!

    The New XFL

    Still west of Parramatta and Penrith but yeah, still east coast. Anyway back to the XFL content.
  6. Totems!!

    The New XFL

    Canberra and Melbourne are both west. Defending champions and the Raiders. C'mon now.
  7. Classic game with the snow covered field and who doesn't love a Bo Levi Billy Bob choke job at the end. Congrats to the Arrrrgos!
  8. Dickinson is 3 hours from Minot and about the same to the Black Hills where the Spearfish and Rapid teams will be placed. Pretty reasonable distances for teams to travel in that area. I'm hoping this league maintains as I've always thought a minor league baseball system would do well there. Nothing else around besides amateur ball so hopefully the locals support it.
  9. Classic JCR creativity. I always look forward to your different concept themes.
  10. Scotiabank and yes it was nauseating. Thanks for bringing me back to that dark and terrible place.
  11. How about a New York Rangers, San Jose Sharks swippity swap?
  12. I did learn John Elway was born in Port Angeles though. Wikipedia has it's moments.
  13. Went on their Facebook page and one of the first posts has some cockamamie story about some legendary left-handed baseball player who gave up stardom in the MLB to return home to PA to play ball. Super boring. Anyway I presume the owner is left handed and soon to have his pockets left without the money he puts into this team. Great town but no way they can support a WCL team.
  14. Not without the King Paul's blessing. The Mighty Allen owns the Moda and without his direct involvement there will be no NHL in Portland. Which brings me to thinking there won't be big league hockey in the foreseeable future. Pretty sad because I think Portland and Seattle would be great markets. Been waiting for years and losing hope on either happening.
  15. Great article. Thanks for sharing.