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  1. I wonder what it’s like to be able to just say whatever the hell you want without any reason whatsoever or anything to back it up, and be totally confident in yourself.
  2. Wil Myers of the Padres became the first player to hit three homers in a game his team lost by a dozen runs.
  3. What the hell is going on with this mannequin?
  4. I was in the Phoenix area in March to take in some Cactus League baseball, and while I was there my grandparents and I decided to go to a Coyotes game as well. It was kind of a strange feeling driving along the highway to Glendale and seeing downtown Phoenix with Chase Field and the Suns’ arena in the distance, and completely passing it by to go to some nondescript, faraway suburb.
  5. Saudi Arabia looked like me playing FIFA. That’s not good.
  6. I know close to nothing about soccer and of course Canada isn’t gonna be there, but Iceland sounds fun as hell so I’m all over that bandwagon.
  7. MIGHT need TJS. Reports are kinda iffy right now. Sure hope he doesn’t need it though, because Ohtani is the best thing in baseball right now.
  8. Interesting choice for Boston to never make a single shot late in the game.
  9. I will never understand people who hate LeBron. He’s so good! He’s probably the best basketball player of all time! Isn’t it just fun to watch someone that immensely talented just wreck everyone’s s—t? Can’t you allow yourself to enjoy things?
  10. The Ringer’s over-coverage of the NBA is a shame because it overshadows their underrated baseball coverage. They do a better job than anyone of blending the stat-heavy (which I love) and the more journalistic-y stuff that gets the wider audiences.
  11. It didn’t even work! The first team to not touch it and win was Tampa in 2004! I’m all for fun and silly superstitions/traditions but god this one is dumb.
  12. It... might... happen? Washington might make the final? I may need to sit down.
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