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  1. Agree 100% about Illinois returning to their 2001 Big Ten championship set. Thinking about how adding white to Illinois would make them similar to Syracuse got me thinking about how my favorite Syracuse set in recent memory hardly included any white at all:
  2. I like the winged helmets and I think they would work great as an alternate 2-3 times a season, but the O helmet is much stronger.
  3. Honestly I think that's an excellent kit in a vacuum. I love the snowflake pattern. But black/blue stripes should always be Montreal's thing. What a shame.
  4. Did the Crew forget what happened last time they tried to promote the black kit to primary following an MLS Cup appearance?
  5. Cal is especially weird in that there's almost zero connection between the Berkeley academic brand and the Cal athletic brand. It's perhaps the most extreme case I can think of in all of college sports. I could maybe tell a California resident that I went to "Cal" and they'll know I went to the University of California, Berkeley, but for most people, I have to say that I went to "Berkeley." I never hear "Cal" used to refer to the academic institution and I never hear "Berkeley" or "UC Berkeley" alone used to refer to the athletics. "Cal-Berkeley" gets used occasionally by sportscasters or recruits, but this unofficial name has been discouraged by both the university and athletic department. I've talked to many people who don't even realize that Cal and Berkeley are the same thing. Anyway, even though Berkeley has a great academic reputation, I absolutely don't see that translating into Cal athletic brand recognition.
  6. Idk, I quite liked the red facemasks the 49ers used in their previous set: Granted, the red they were using at the time was a fair bit darker than the scarlet they use now.
  7. Didn't see it mentioned--Rutgers unveiled blackout uniforms for Saturday's game against Penn State. The numbers, lettering, and helmet logo had a shiny carbon fiber pattern. Certainly not amazing, but not my least favorite black uniform ever.
  8. You know what? I really like these. They don't knock me off my feet, but they're a pretty clear upgrade for both clubs. But man the Dynamo crest would really benefit from just a hint of that light blue.
  9. I've come to accept that wearing a different uniform each week is an essential part of Oregon's brand (although I absolutely agree they could accomplish this while emphasizing green and yellow way more). IMO, their biggest crime was convincing 75% of the FBS schools that they needed to be doing the same thing.
  10. I'm so tired of all the "Oakland" and "The Town" jerseys the Warriors keep putting out. If they really cared about Oakland, they wouldn't have moved away.
  11. So I really like Indiana's current look, but whoever is applying the helmet decals is placing them WAY too high. They almost touch the stripes (and for #23 in the second photo, I think they are)!
  12. I would honestly prefer brown pants be dropped from the rotation entirely, and that they only ever wear white or orange pants
  13. Yeah the colors are unique and need to stay. I don't think the Dynamo name fits particularly well (but I 100% prefer it over FC, SC, United, City, etc.), and I frankly think the crest is not good. I have a soft spot for the crest that came with the aborted 1836 identity. Obviously they can't use the 1836 name, but a star-shaped badge is a cool idea, especially for a team from Houston.
  14. IMO the Arizona gradient numbers were particularly bad because on the red and blue jerseys, the bottom ~third of the numbers was the exact same color as the jersey IIRC, the NCAA mandated solid numbers on the blue and red jerseys, but the white jersey retained the gradient numbers, because they still technically contrasted with the white background. I'd say you could make a reasonable argument that the BC numbers "contrast" with the white jersey, since they're mostly red (maybe pink if viewed from a distance). They still look awful though.
  15. I think adding pinstripes is a big improvement for the Hornets, but I agree that there's a glaring lack of purple. In my mind, this could be an easy fix: on the white jersey, have the doubled-up stripes be teal and purple. And white and purple double stripes on the teal jersey. Easy.
  16. My criticism of publicly-funded stadiums isn't limited to the Chargers. Taxpayers in all those other markets got fleeced too.
  17. God I can't wait until this trend dies.
  18. Taxpayers shouldn't have to finance a billion-dollar stadium that the owner will inevitably want to replace 30 years down the road.
  19. A brief homage to the best Rutgers set in recent memory: their final Nike set which lasted exactly one year. The chain-mail motif was a great modern touch.
  20. Sure this is cleaner, but I really felt like they had a unique thing going with the chest stripe. I'll miss it.
  21. Well, for the most part, these logos are cleaner than the set that preceded them, so that's an upgrade. But the monogram really looks off to me. I really wish they could have found a way to update the highlander bear mascot though. Would have been a fun identity.
  22. Looks far better with blue pants, IMO
  23. It appears Under Armour is attempting to drop Cal as well. https://247sports.com/Article/California-Golden-Bears-Under-Armour-endorsement-apparel-shoe-deal-could-terminate-early-148621989/
  24. That would be a bummer. UCLA has looked incredible the last few years.
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