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  1. thanks for reply! you have to know, that the eagle is austrian's heraldic animal (used on the national flag)
  2. i just came up with this logo for the austrian inlinehockey team.... what do think about it? here some quick jersey concepts
  3. hi guys... currently I'm working on a logo concept for the austrian inline hockey team (the version played with a ball)... that's what I've done so far... c&c appreciated
  4. i think the bengal needs more symmetry...the left cheek seems a bit off... other than that...really awesome logo, respect
  5. just got bored, so i created a logo for fantasy hockey team, the .... ICE DEVILS c&c appreciated
  6. 1. nitroseed 2. rozilla 3. JQK 4. mikeb7
  7. hm and what's about the rebels/raiders concept?
  8. I've made a secondary for my raiders/rebels concept... can't decide which is the better one...
  9. regarding your advices, i've worked a bit on it...i think it has improved a lot!
  10. i've worked on a raiders/rebels/whatever concept.... c&c appreciated
  11. updated my bobcat logo... reworked ears, mouth, and some small things...
  12. hi guys! here's my version of the BOBCATS logo... any suggestions?
  13. hi guys! it's my first post here... did my first sports logo design using illustrator for the first time vienna phantoms logo also did some jersey design jersey concepts c&c appreciated!