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  1. Overall great job. Not a huge fan of the "M" logo, but like the anchor itself as a secondary logo. Make the emblem on the hat an S and add the baseball logo in the middle of the A in Seattle and Mariners on the uniforms respectively (although that is a steal of the Rays).
  2. I think you did a nice fresh look on the logo and like the alternative you made, but would love to see one that focuses more on the history of why they where named the Blackhawks in the first place, For those unaware they are named after the 86th Infantry Division which their original owner was a member of during WWI. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/86th_Infantry_Division_(United_States)
  3. This would make a great badge for the Dallas Police Department. I am disappointed in it.
  4. If the White Sox add a little red, that would make them the red sox
  5. I agree with GotPixels add a green alternative and incorporate the star into the primary (maybe replace the basketball with the star) or make your alternative the primary
  6. If Seattle gets an NHL team, like to see a tweak of the Seattle Thunderbirds. http://www.seattlethunderbirds.com/
  7. Love the idea of modernizing the old logo and I am a big fan of the return of green and blue, but not a fan of the font. Hard to read and very bulky. You are heading in the right right direction.
  8. In an AP poll of 1,004 adults conducted in mid-April 2013 , an overwhelming 79 percent of respondents favored the Redskins keeping their nickname. http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/blog/eye-on-football/22184060/ap-poll-79-percent-support-redskins-keeping-their-name
  9. Badass!!! I would wear it. love to see uniform ideas
  10. Take the yellow and extend the "P" and then wrap it around to complete the ball. I like it though, You could also go away from the original P and basketball and think in terms of the origins of the name and harness racing.
  11. That is very interesting that you find a huge difference -- are you aware that Seminole means "Run Away People" as in cowards or that Sioux means Cut-Throats or that Winnebago means the filthy water people. Tribes did not name themselves, rival tribes did. People, please understand a topic before commenting. Redskins is an old term that simply refers to Native Americans by the color of their skin (not calling them savages). The team started in Boston and was linked to the Boston Braves, just like a lot of teams back in the day (think Cubs and Bears) they tried to going with a stronger name. The logo itself is beautiful and is similar (and personally I believe nicer) than the FSU logo of which the Seminole tribe approves of. There is not difference between Skins/Indians/Braves logos/names and the Irish/Celtics all of which are " depictions of a race of people".
  12. cjt27

    Tampa Bay Rays

    I really like it, my only suggestion would be to use your primary logo (ray) on the hat rather than TB.
  13. I think it is a great logo, but it looks a little too much like a Coors Light can.