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  1. He was slick getting a young hot model girlfriend less than a year after the year tour patch devoted to his dead wife.
  2. Want to see Cubs vs Yanks. Never want to see Rays vs DBacks.
  3. They were also supposed to wear those special UK socks and that never happened.
  4. That outdated yoke in conjunction with the font is like an eye gauging.
  5. Been like this since the switch back to white.
  6. Take a pic with your phone and upload it.
  7. I would agree with that statement. The blue got way too bright for a while there. Though I liked it matched with the blue facemasks.
  8. Those prototypes are all awful. Never thought I would be thankful for their last set.
  9. The White Sox for sure. They've keep these uniforms for a very long time. Especially For a team that seemed to change uniforms and colors every couple years. Tennessee Titans. Never thought that shoulder yoke thing would last. USC Football. Thought the gray facemasks would be gone already and the style would change or at least have wacky alts. Toronto Raptors. Colors changed but that same bizarre style remains. Didn't think it would last.
  10. Wasn't there a twitter vote for green or white pants to be worn?
  11. Probably some lame team building words to counter the bullying problems last season. Also, the saturation looks turned up in that fins pic.
  12. Calling them the best looking uniform is a bit overstated IMO. They went from a respectable uniform that was moving up the ranks every year to a hot nike mess. But that's just my opinion as you have yours.
  13. Yeah that looks like Trenton Thunder
  14. AgentColon

    WWE Logo

    Reminds me of the weezer logo.
  15. I wonder how this would look on the Bears. :|
  16. Texans is still a dumb nickname.
  17. Aren't the Lions bringing back the black jersey? Black pants with that might be horrifying.