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  1. Take a pic with your phone and upload it.
  2. Those prototypes are all awful. Never thought I would be thankful for their last set.
  3. Teams that use colors in their logo that does not appear anywhere on uniforms.
  4. Yeah, that was THE helmet for defensive lineman and linebackers in the 90s.
  5. Agreed. The purple would have been fine. No worse than the black.
  6. Giants vs Pack NFC Championship and Favre's last game as a Packer. And the metrodome for lulz.
  7. Elvis helmets with a silver facemask. This had to have been the only year they used it until switching to red. (Looks nice!) Correct. The first year of flying Elvis. They changed to red masks the following season and also dropped the red numbers in the blue jersey.
  8. 1993 NE Pats in Cleveland Only year the patriots wore this variation. Hard to find good photos in game action. noteworthy: it appears bledsoe's handwarmer has the classic red uni helmet stripes. Probably a leftover from the previous season.
  9. Goalie equipment sure has grown over the years. He looks like a little kid.
  10. Rare matchup between the XFL's Hitmen and Thunderbolts. Am I doing it right?
  11. I'm curious to see the Jags mini helmet.
  12. This should be fun for the team seamstress.
  13. They call that the "Tony Romo Special"
  14. The Chiefs haven't added any black to their uniforms. Don't let the Lions blind you with their stupidity.
  15. As a Gray facemask hater, you've made a valid point. I agree with this. As a Gray facemask hater, I won't agree with your point. There is at least black in the horn logo. It helps make a slight connection. Even if it's a reach. As for the throwbacks with the black facemasks, NO! Sure the gray is dumb, but at least it was true to the Titans era. The faux leather one is a toss up. I'm not as offended by the black since there were no facemasks.
  16. Patriots have striped socks just over a decade ago.
  17. Haha! Can't you have a Pantone color thing ready to post in this thread too?
  18. I don't buy into that argument. When you see those helmet smashing on mnf you don't see a chinstrap. You see the helmet and the facemask.
  19. The black on the helmet looks odd with the unis. But alone gorgeous. Kinda like KC, tho the black is more forgiving for them I think.
  20. I wouldn't mind some nice white with stripe socks for the purple pants. That would have offset the goofy number font situation
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