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  1. Things just get worse every year.
  2. This should have been on page 1.
  3. I was hoping you were going to adapt the current kits into these designs.
  4. First reaction: I like them. Same style in other colors might not work. But these colors make it pop.
  5. I prefer the thicker. Always hates the serifs on the old font.
  6. Black has better balance, but I like the green. Black makes then look like Blackhawks stpaddy's day unis.
  7. I predict the cowboys will wear white at home for every game except thanksgiving.
  8. This cap makes me want to punch through walls.
  9. I'll echo most here. Padres later 80s Houston Oilers Cunningham Eagles Devils green and red
  10. I would still love to see those awful alternate Georgia Frontiere concepts that didn't get picked in 2000. "When we changed our color scheme in 2000, we actually considered many different possibilities, 15 to 20 combinations or so. Mrs. Frontieres [team owner Georgia Frontiere] favorite color was powder blue, think UCLA, a color she used to wear all of the time. She thought the Rams would look great in this color and wanted to see some examples. So we made up some powder blue helmets with gold horns and gold helmets with powder blue horns, which she loved. But being someone who was very much into astrology, Mrs. Frontiere agreed to the current color scheme because, actually, she liked the names of the colors we used: new century gold and millennium blue. She thought it made cosmic sense if you will, given the year was 2000."
  11. I always hated that cursive Minnesota. But I did love the color and wolf.
  12. The year was 1979. I was only 4 years old and pretty much oblivious of sports. Just give me Star Wars 24/7. My mother brought me to Sears for some reason. There she held out 2 baseball caps and said pick one. There were no suggestions and there was no pressure. I simply picked the one I liked better. I picked the Yanks hat. End of story.
  13. Turn that logo upside down and batman is going downtown.