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  1. This may have converted my matte hating self.
  2. A half black and half gold helmet makes even less sense.
  3. I'm more curious to see what BS nike and the owners spew.
  4. Looks like the old shiny vikes helmet to me. Not the semi-matte from leak.
  5. Good news. It IS Thursday. Haha
  6. Can we start a new debate. When fans say "we" as if they are part of the team. For or against. I'm fine with it, but others say no.
  7. There's a joke here about the Vikings being up the river without a paddle. But I can't seem to find it.
  8. So you think having two different fonts for the first and second digits of two digit-numbers looks good? I still don't understand this design choice. Absolutely befuddling IMHO. It's a blunder much like removing the helmet from the Doplhin logo. Also, the horrid Jags helmet? Nike F**** UP on those parts. I am getting used to the numbers and I am very happy overall! Hell Nike could have removed the Horns on the Helmets so I am cool about the changes. There's a good chance that horn flares out to a sail.
  9. I never could have imagined a BSG hijacking in this thread. Haha!
  10. That pant stripe on the white pants doesn't match the preview image, or we really misread that one.
  11. Vikings with the win. Best of the 3.
  12. I paused it basically frame by frame and couldn't see jerseys for the Jags, Dolphins, or Vikings. They must have conveniently left them out. Does the neck roll look skinnier than last year on some of these? Yes. Some of the teams have switched their collars to the new jersey template from Nike. For instance, the Chargers removed their toilet seat collars altogether. The neck roll is also thinner on the low end replica jersey.
  13. Based on the sneak peak pics I feel safe to say black is not an option. Would make even less sense than the gray.
  14. Let's just go back to leather helmets so we can end this facemask debate.
  15. I hate matte helmets. Might be connected to my long history of hating matte bowling balls.
  16. They don't have a history of that, so I'd be pretty surprised if they went that route. That said, it wouldn't look as out of place if/when they go with grey They wore a white facemask for at least one season in the early 80s.
  17. If they use a white facemask the outlineless numbers won't seem out of place.
  18. Love the stripes. Really pops. A gray facemask would kill it for me too. Unless they add gray somewhere else.
  19. Looks like purple fondant and purple gum paste to me. Just different color shades of purple.
  20. The browns got zero of that message.
  21. One thing is for sure. They're still using that dumb color filter to deceive us into thinking the purple will be darker.
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